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B2B SEO 2012 Strategy Planning: 4 Recommendations

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In early November, Webmarketing123 released their first state of digital marketing report ( The report surveyed more than 500 B2B and B2C marketing professionals, with roughly a 66-34 percent split, respectively. The report takes an in-depth look at digital marketing focus, impact of SEO (, PPC (, and social media ( programs, and where marketing managers are focusing budget in 2012.

Some of the key findings from this report:

57 percent of B2Bs say SEO makes the biggest impact on their lead generation activities.

55 percent of companies have closed deals from social media leads.

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Jan 5, 2012

SEO – An Introduction

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to techniques that help your website rank higher in organic (or “natural”) search results, thus making your website more visible to people who are looking for your
product or service via search engines.

SEO is part of the broader topic of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), a term used to describe all marketing strategies for search. SEM entails both organic and paid search. With paid search, you can pay to list your website on a search engine so that your website shows up when someone types in a specific keyword or phrase. Organic and paid listings both appear on the search engine,…

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Jan 4, 2012

Basic SEO for Facebook Fan Pages

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Many have tried, and failed, to write a good post about how to SEO a Facebook fan page.

For example, optimizing the filename of your profile picture is one popular piece of advice that doesnʼt really matter, considering Facebook just renames the file something like 198135_10150109366….jpg. Another popular tip: you should link to your main website from your Facebook page. Yes, you should for visitors. But this doesnʼt optimize your fan page because Facebook just nofollows, redirects, and clusters your URL in a mess of code anyway.

So let’s take a different approach to Facebook SEO today.

I want you to imagine that your Facebook fan page is your website – or another website for your brand at least. While it may not ever rank first for a keyword, you still want it to be optimized.

If you want to keyword optimize your Facebook fan page, these are the areas that actually pull SEO elements from your page’s content for additional optimization.

Your Facebook Fan Page SEO

SEO title: The name of your page plus | Facebook.

Meta description: The name of your page plus the About description of your page, followed by | Facebook.

H1: The name of your page.

This is like the search optimization of the homepage of your fan page / website. If you didn’t consider keyword
optimization when you created it, and you have less than 100 fans, you’re in luck. You can still change your page’s name.

Two things to keep in mind aside from search optimization includes:

Branding: It may be more important to have your page as a recognizable brand than a specific keyword phrase.

Appearance: Whenever you comment as your page, or people tag your page, your entire name will come up, so if you’re page is Your Brand – Keyword, Keyword, and Keywords it might look a bit excessive (and lead to less tagging).

Your title can be as long as you choose, but keep in mind the standard length of SEO titles (70 characters) before getting too crazy. Also, since your page name is also a part of your meta description, you might not want it to make it

too long and overshadow that.

To edit your About information to make a great meta description, go to your page and Edit Page > Basic Information, and fill in the About field with a 140 character description like you would with any website meta description.

Facebook Fan Page Updates

SEO Title: The first 18 characters of your update.

If youʼre posting a standard status update, the SEO title will be pulled from the first 18 characters (approximately 18
characters, sometimes a bit less). The following update by Search Engine Watch’s fan page
( has a title of Yahoo Search, which is pretty good.

If you’re posting a link to your fan page wall, you’ll have an option to “Say something about this link…” – the first 18 characters of what you enter in this field are going to be the SEO title for the individual page of that status update.

If you don’t post something there, the SEO title for your update will just be Facebook. Plus it won’t take up as much real estate in someone’s news feed, which means it will be less noticeable. So I would suggest that, regardless of whether you care about the SEO, you fill this part out when adding a link to your wall.

If youʼre concerned about optimizing your updates while considering them as individual pages for your overall fan page / website (click on the timestamp for any update to see it on its own page), then you might want to consider sticking some keywords right at the beginning of your comment.

Using the above example, I could simply put the post category / main keyword as start the update such as Google Analytics and then write the rest of my comment. If I continued this trend with my updates, my fan page would have lots of “pages” underneath it optimized for my main keywords.

The best part is, unlike Twitter status updates that donʼt go that far back, you can see your Facebook fan page
updates at least two years – mine go all the way back to when I created my fan page, which was in February 2009.

Facebook Fan Page Notes

SEO Title: The title of your note plus | Facebook.

Meta Description: Your page name wrote a note titled the title of your note plus | Facebook.

Facebook notes – they don’t get a lot of love anymore, but they do have a more controllable SEO title when you create them and, of course, they add to the additional “pages” underneath your fan page / website. Notes allow you to add lengthier updates to your fan page without having to take your fans offsite to get more of your content.

Some people use them to syndicate their blog posts on their fan page, but I find this feature is a little inconsistent. Unique notes, on the other hand, could add more value to your page.

Facebook Fan Page Discussion Topics

SEO Title: The title of your discussion’s topic | Facebook.

Ever wanted a little forum / discussion board, but don’t want to invest in forum software? Facebook has an often- overlooked discussion board, with each topic giving you a little SEO title credit.

It might be a nice place for you to have discussions with your fans that they don’t necessarily want on your wall. If you don’t have one on your profile already, you can get it by going to the Discussion Board
( and using the Add to My Pagelink to add it to your pages.

Your Facebook Fan Page SEO Tips

Those are the parts of the Facebook fan page that Iʼve found specifically have controllable SEO titles, descriptions, and so forth. What other parts of the Facebook fan page have you tried optimizing for SEO, and what results have you seen?

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Jan 4, 2012

Using CRM System Management Programs for Business

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Placing the customer suitable at the centre of the company is the be-all and end-all of prosperous Consumer Romantic relationship Management (CRM). To do which you have to know which your potential prospects seriously want and genuinely ponder your organization and after that use which to deliver much better items and services, improve buyer services and rise top line options – yes CRM has a goal it is not just a concept! First of all, check out this crm software comparison.

Producers which make investments in crm software programs can discover also far more about their potential buyers and provide much more personalized items and solutions due to the fact they get pertinent data day-to-day in a way that lets them to find trends. Employing new company methods constantly includes an element of calculated risk but proper change management methods can lower this dramatically. The reason quite a few projects fail is located using bad undertaking execution. A lot of manufacturers have forced the mistake of speeding headlong into CRM devoid of a well believed out strategy. So when spending in much better CRM:

1. Possess a CRM technique because CRM initiatives started where there is no a method regularly bring about pain. Do not think of CRM as a undertaking isolated from the total business enterprise strategy. Hereby madness is situated. CRM only pursuits when there is crystal clear comprehension of why the organisation is performing it and how it should enhance company and loyalty, cut charges or increase revenue.

2. Choose the suitable CRM partner. The best CRM options are versatile and possess a full integration capacity with any various methods in your organization.

3. Understand the technology. Far too usually CRM is considered an IT venture – not a business initiative and it should not be imagined of like doing so; but doing so means which the business should recognize the know-how and which and how it can do for them and what it cannot do for them. The largest success for a crm system definition could happen from the coordinated endeavours business enterprise users, IT and vendor.

4. Focus more on business enterprise processes compared to technology. CRM is regarding an company’s internal and external enterprise techniques becoming a lot more “customer-centric”. Recognize your “purchaser flow”. The methods are merely the enablers, not an end in themselves.

5. Don’t try and layout the perfect CRM system that could encounter 100% of every single and every man or woman’s wish number and do not expect the new CRM product to merely mirror up to date business enterprise processes. Instead, understand which not all people can possess everything they say these folks desire and use the new methods as an chance to invent and use new techniques that enhance consumer services, lessen costs and offer much better client service.

6. Do not try to tweak the total group overnight. Go for the greatest important and highest achieve regions first. Take small, medium actions not giant leaps and bring the full organization with you.

7. Think about the person user interface and strategy it carefully. For individuals to use the system, it have to be useful to them and easy to use. Each added subject you ask the folks to complete, particularly obligatory versions, the better the chance which they should provide garbage or solely use the computer beneath duress.

8. In particular if you refuge’t implemented a CRM pc earlier than get help and anticipate to pay for it also if it is simply a day of a provider’s time to have the concerns. They’ll see the pitfalls that one can’t and you will not spend time and cash on trying to do things which can’t be done, anticipating them to happen in a sure way and then be disappointed or skip out on essential concerns that are necessary to effective implementation.

9. Make it someone’s responsibility to own the data, and to guarantee that it is correct and complete. Seems obvious but several tasks simply ignore this principal depth and CRM systems endure or fall by their data ethics and information quality.

10. Person approval is the solitary a lot critical success aspect for a CRM hard drive so make investments in training. Workout routine is important to making certain consumer acceptance. In no way let an untrained worker possess buyer contact.

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Sep 27, 2011

Simple Way to Get Free Backlinks

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Building backlinks is the most vital factor to getting websites ranked. There are many different methods to build back links, some very simple, others more difficult. This article is about one simple and free method of creating back-links that is often overlooked, but can produce great results in terms of search engine optimization.

Blogger and WordPress are probably the two most popular cost-free blogging and site-building platforms. A Blogger-site can also be monetized with AdSense and other methods. does not allow any type of monetization, however. Still, both of these blogging platforms can be useful SEO resources. You can simply create a free blog on each of these platforms and instead of directly monetizing the free blogs themselves, create some content on them an link back to your self-hosted blog or site. In other words: Use the free blogs to create some backlinks and monetize your main site.

This can be a simple and effective tactic and you can expand it beyond and Blogger. These two are not the only free blog sites available. Not by a far cry. There’s also tumblr,, wetpaint, Vox, Livejournal, Doodlekit, Bravejournal and many more. Simply search for “create a free blog” on Google and you’ll likely find a dozen more sites like this.. You can add content and links back to your main site on each of them, creating your own little link-network.

In case you’re worried about how many posts you’ll have to write to build these links, just remember: You can use the same content that you’re submitting to article directories and post it to the free blogs. Particularly if you’re making use of article spinning, this will be no problem at all, since all the content will be unique.

It’s also worth noting that there are programs and tools like Web 2 Mayhem  that can automate the whole process of posting articles to many different free blogs. Free-blog-link-building couldn’t be any easier than that. Give it a try and get some backlinks and traffic going!

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Sep 26, 2011

You can use a Dynamic Database for your Basic Website Design

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Dynamic internet sites are sites which use programming code ( PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, CGI, Perl, Oracle, Java, Ajax, or ColdFusion ) to access information saved in a database and display that info on the webpage. Not all websites have dynamic necessities. Small businesses or basic information sites may not need a database but for large sites it might need to be considered.

A database aids to organise and store information so that information can be easily displayed dependent on the requirements of the internet site design. For example a domain designer may want to display the ten most popular products offered by a company in a given week, or the most often seen articles on their forum.

Some of the usages of a dynamic internet site and database are :

  • To display products and detailed product information replying to search parameters set by customers,
  • To display purchase information, track shipping of purchases, order records or shopping cart details,
  • To display or edit members profile information, membership details or records,
  • To display, edit or respond to member’s forum content,
  • To display search or sort results of internet site content based mostly on certain necessities such as date, popularity, topic, etc,
  • To display or edit calendar or event lists.

Do you require a custom Content Management System?

It’s feasible to have a personalized Content Management System ( CMS ) made. This way info displayed on a website can be constantly updated and manipulated without the requirement for visiting a web designer. This is often an exceedingly useful tool for sites which require regular updates and manipulation. The look of a CMS can be costly so it is sensible to consider if your website actually has dynamic wants. These are some straightforward inquiries to speak with your web designer :

How often does the info on your website need updating? If the site will change daily or maybe weekly it could be best to think about a database to make it less complicated to make some changes. If you internet site is relatively static with limited small changes then a website designer can be paid to mend the site.

How many products have you got? If a company has a little product line it is simple to control information on each article. A company with masses of products will not have the time to form page lists for each one. A database will cut back on the time required and make product changes more easily.

Do you need to gather and control shopper information? A company taking the details of many patrons can utilize a database which should simply sort and display customer information for use. A website which infrequently gathers client information could utilise a HTML form and save on the cost.


Do you need a website but don’t know where to start? What about how much should you pay? 

Get the best worth Website Design Australia has to offer and get online today! 
Professional, Great Looking and High Rankings Websites - Web Development Australia how it should be – Great functionality and customer user experience

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Sep 25, 2011

Try This Untapped Investment

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More are more individuals are trying to find alternatives to traditional investment, as pension funds face shortfalls and interest rates stay low.

For a lot of, it really is the lure of property, both domestic and foreign that attracts the focus along with the investment. Properties as second homes, rental automobiles or simple investments are extremely popular, but purchase can be difficult and upkeep fees are high. Land, alternatively, is an untapped investment that could make some fantastic earnings.

Why land?

Land is turning into an increasingly well-known investment, particularly in spots such as the UK, where housing shortages are a developing dilemma and land consequently rises in value. The positive aspects of buying land consist of:

Return – the rates of return on land, while not guaranteed, are typically much better than returns on any other type of investment, including stock marketplace investments and property.

Simplicity – the obtain of a parcel of land is actually a straightforward legal transaction that could be completed inside 28 days. Promoting your land on is equally as effortless.

Management – you do not need to be checking share costs every day or spending your income on maintaining a property, or coping with tenants. As an alternative, you buy your land and then leave it until advancement plans are agreed, or you just desire to sell it on. It is a straightforward, low upkeep investment.

Locality – regardless of where you live, there’s almost certainly some land obtainable for purchase. You can pay a visit to the internet site, talk to the organization that owns the land presently and look into the likelihood of organizing permission being granted. You can have a direct involvement along with your investment.

In case you have cash which you wish to invest, but you’re not convinced by the level of return on traditional investment autos, then think seriously about buying land. Even a small investor can access this marketplace now, by way of land banking, where a single firm buys an pricey piece of land after which sells smaller parcels on to private investors. Speak to a land agent to see how you are able to get started out.

Penny stocksonline stock tradinghot penny stocks

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Sep 24, 2011

Why You Should Create and Manage An Article Directory Today

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There are so many upsides to creating and managing your own article marketing directories that it is surprising that most marketers do not take advantage of it. One approach, and benefit, will be creating directories that are for the same niche markets as other businesses you own. Setting up a directory is pretty easy actually, and you can find tons of helpful and useful resources on the net. This is something just about anyone can do if they do not mind putting some work into it. You can learn a few helpful hints if you are interested in creating and managing an article directory.

You might be assuming that you need advanced technical skills or expensive software to start an article directory, but that’s not the case. In the last couple of years, many new things are possible when it comes to what you can do online. There are now quite a few WordPress or PHP based article directory scripts at affordable prices. Some of these are extremely cheap and easy to use, and in some cases you can build an article directory in mere minutes. All right, as an example there is Article Dashboard directory software. At the time of this writing it is free. This software is installed on your personal web host and can then be customized. You can’t say it’s not possible anymore.

You will no doubt have several streams of income happening on your article directory. Naturally, you want to make money from this, but you also have to think about visitor experience as well.

But no matter what you are doing, be very sure to include some tastefully positioned “call to action” copy that is clearly visible. There is nothing wrong with adsense ads or even other contextual ads, and you should also look at them, too. You will have to make these calls because it is just part of doing business on the net. Of course no matter what you do, be sure you engage in testing. You will be missing many opportunities if you ignore the power of testing and tracking. This is all basic conversion optimization, but it still can make a huge difference in your returns.

There are very many ways you can promote your article directory, and that is something you should plan for early on. There are so many different free ways you can promote your directory. You should issue press releases to all the major press release distribution centers, too. Think for a moment about what this whole process is all about. What you will also be doing is creating backlinks to your new article directory. You want to build as much PR as quickly as you can, and the backlinks will help your site. Until recently, there were various obstacles to creating and managing your own article directory, but not anymore. As we’ve seen, there are now cheap and simple ways to do this. At the same time, you should formulate some kind of strategy for your article directory so you know where you want to go with it.

For more easy article marketing tips and tricks you can implement right away to generate free targeted traffic to your websites, visit

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Sep 23, 2011

How To Optimize Your Site & Run An Effective Search Engine Optimization Campaign

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If you’ve been a frequenter of the net, you soon can discover a whole lot of convoluted tales to choose from with regards to search engine optimization strategies. Every last week there would seem that happen to be a new e mail in my inbox frequently from spammers from some damaged English website placement gurus. They’ve managed to trace a whois query once again to an e mail deal with i personal. Then they speak to me telling me they could get me for your ideal of any search engine i want.

Considerable deal. I can do that on my particular person. The question is can i, or any of these spam emailers get me in the direction of the major of Google for crucial terms that have brilliant targeted website traffic and conversions? That’s the ticket. But now also a fantastic deal of persons base their webpages all all around search engine optimisation when it ought to be the other way about.

Search engine marketing campaigns should not be the suggests to trust a trade all-around, but moderately the instrument that supports it.  You’re encouraged to start out a marketplace. You may obtain it net primarily based. But start a market place in an area you identify about and have a passion for. Then use evaluate website placement to find out an excellent domain title and to do your keyword homework. Anybody does it the opposite way. They’re slaves to web based marketing. They make keyword mining application program plans to run for 10-24 hrs to discover profitable lower rivals keywords and phrases. That may be trustworthy to generate a fast buck, nevertheless it will not sustain a company venture inside the lengthy run. The only issue that can is energy and sensible determination designing.

By all suggests net web-site marketing needs to become part of your respective strategy. It helps make sense in the event you ever promote by using the web merchandise which you could have an desirable nevertheless hassle-free to navigate e business enterprise internet page. You’ll unquestionably will want to set up analytics and be capable to track results. But that will all encompass time after you may have your establishment product or prepare drawn up. It could arise which you have to amend this as you go along. That’s typical. Just hang off the free seo consultants advice till right soon after you might have setup an preliminary trade prepare.

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Sep 23, 2011

Submitting Articles Doesn’t Need To Be Painful

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There have been who knows how many people who have built successful online businesses using article marketing. Now, keep in mind that article marketing can be used in a number of ways, but nevertheless you will still need to submit to article directories. Given below are a few article submission tips that you should keep in mind at all times. Being familiar with article submissions can be valuable If you’re trying to recommend an ebook regarding summer infant baby monitors; you will most likely be able to experience better results utilizing the info in this guide.

Of course the primary reason anyone submits articles to all the various article directories is to get traffic or backlinks. You want your articles to get read and you want them to spread. However it is important to realize that you cannot hope for spectacular results if you write about the same things everyone else does. Try to produce a wow effect on the reader after they finish your article, and that will almost certainly result in a positive response. The more unique and new information you give away in your articles, the more popular they will get in these directories. It all depends on what your goal is with your articles, but generally speaking you want to stay away from very low quality articles. Each article you write will have a topic and purpose, and giving the reader what is promised in your article title is paramount. This will help you achieve your basic purpose of submitting your article to these directories.

Hopefully you will not try to copy other people’s work because you will never pass a human or software check review. If you wonder if that happens, we will tell you that it happens a lot all over the web. Quite simply, you will get the best results when you produce good to high quality original content. So just stay away from plagiarizing in all forms and you will be fine. If you have accounts at high quality article directories, then you want to avoid being labeled as a plagiarizer. It is not hard at all to write quality articles that do well, so avoid copying others and you will be fine.

You can also have your articles rejected if they have too many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors – proof read. Nowadays, you find a ton of professional editors that will do the job for you at affordable prices. It is also good to have another person proof read your articles because it is easy to miss our own mistakes. You can also Google proofreading software that is free to use. Mistakes create a bad impression, bottom line, and that is why you need to take care of this if it is a problem. Using the preceding principles when you submit your articles will ensure that they are accepted by the directories and get you the most traffic and publicity. Submitting articles can be one of the most effective ways to get publicity and targeted visitors to your website if you know how to do it. Keep in mind that lots of marketers are submitting articles, so if you want yours to be noticed you have to make an effort to set yourself apart in some way. Pay attention to the fact that if you have a website regarding hypertufa recipe – or about something else- then you may experience more success with the web page using the lessons you have learned here!

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Sep 22, 2011