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2012 end of the world. Is the apocalypse coming?

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Posted by steve on March 28, 2011 at 7:10 pm

When your watching live internet TV across the internet from your ducky network, what’s missing? TV guides of course. It’s all very well watching, but what is coming on next?
To work this problem we have revamped the TV guides section so you can now add to favorites, rate or review them and we have added more sites.
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We will be perpetually adding new sites and if you know of any good ones, let us know. More internet TV guides for other Countries some the world will be added shortly too, so if yours is not there yet then dont fret.

Is 2012 the last year of planet Earth as we know it? Well according to a large number of scholars and respected scientists, the answer is a very unsettling yes.
 The Mayans were very skilled at counting time. They invented a complicated calendar system that was extraordinarily precise to almost the second of what is now known as a lunar month. There calendar was unlike though, it has an end to it. And the end is December 21st 2012.
There calendar predicts that subsequently this date the Earth will go through a major change and wipe out most of the population in the process.

 No one knows what on the nose will happen, but its belike to be a combining of horrific events, including:-
lifelike disasters. The predictions fortell of increasing natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami bodily function and extreme point weather events.
 Pole shift of the earth. The theory goes that Changinging magnetic alignment will make the Earth spin on its axis causation the ice caps to melt and the worlds landscape to all change causing billions of deaths.

Author of The End Of Time:- Mayan Prophecies Revisited, Adrian Gilbert commented:-
 They include the ancient Chinese, who predicted it over 5000 years ago and the ancient Romans and Egyptians.
Also big out bad vibes for this date is an internet political program that detects what people are searching for online. Called the WebBot Project, it tells of disasters including nuclear attacks within the next year and an apocalyptic event on? You guessed it December 2012.

The Webbot has predicted the US anthrax attacks during 2001, earthquakes in August 2004, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and even the twin towers attack on September 11th.
Adrian Gilbert added:- Others think aliens will arrive, some think apocalypse. I think it will see human being waking up to our possibilities and becoming more in tune with the population in the same way computers possibilities became sempiternal when they plugged into the internet.

Nasa scientist’s have found a cycle of sun spots, magnetic blasts shot out from the sun that disrupt satellites and other electronic devices. They can even affect the earth’s magnetic field, which protects us from radiation, and another cycle featuring huge activity is due to peak in. yes that’s right, 2012.
Many people around the world are quitting their day jobs and joining survivalist groups, stocking supplies and getting ready for doomsday.

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