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3 Affiliate Marketing Myths Debunked

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Posted by steve on June 30, 2011 at 7:11 am

As the internet expands, so is the affiliate marketing arena. The reason many people are getting attracted to affiliate marketing is because they think it’s a simple and easy way to lots of money. Myths such as the get-rich-quick one will definitely leave you poor, so lets learn about a few more that are also barriers to success. By the way, if you are looking to make more income with affiliate programs, check out the Beachbody Coach business where you will get rewarded for promoting popular fitness programs including the ever-popular P90X workout and the Brazilian Butt Lift DVD workouts. Highly recommended.

A big misconception with affiliate marketing is that you have to pay for traffic if you want to go anywhere.

The statement is a half-truth. All free traffic sources can be great ways of generating substantial amounts of traffic and has been working for people for years. Who wouldn’t want free traffic? There’s nothing wrong with mixing free and paid together. Taking the time to master something like Google Adwords or another paid traffic source can be your first step to becoming a super affiliate; we all know that super affiliates almost exclusively use paid methods to receive the size paychecks that they are accustomed to. But saying that you simply can’t make money with affiliate marketing unless you pay for the traffic is wrong. There are many affiliate marketers who have made thousands of dollars in commissions without investing anything except time. So if you want to be really successful, you can start off with the free marketing methods and then move on to the paid ones.

Watch out for this myth; affiliate marketing is over saturated and too competitive. Don’t fall for this misinformation because it is not true. Another misinterpretation you may come up with is the competition level of a product that has hundreds of affiliates. These numbers are misleading because almost all of the people promoting a product won’t make but a few sells here and there. In other words, there may be 1-5% of affiliates who sells 95% of the products. Don’t let competition stop you from promoting a product because there really isn’t as much completion as you think there is.

A very harmful myth is that a market is too competitive or too hard to make money in. The fact here is that there is nothing called saturation when you’re promoting on the Internet. Just think, in a huge market, there are new people searching for solutions everyday. Internet shopping is growing fast, so don’t let this fear based myth make you miss out. There is an almost limitless way you can enter these markets and position yourself.

These myths are irrational and doesn’t belong in the mind of any inspiring business owner.

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