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3 Affiliate Marketing Myths You Should be Aware Of

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Posted by steve on September 1, 2011 at 12:29 am

Affiliate marketing has been around for quite some time now. Many affiliate marketers are making a good income comfortably from home. Getting into affiliate marketing and being successful is all about getting the various elements right. This article will offer a few affiliate promotion myths that you need to know about.

One of the more frequent myths circulating is that affiliate programs are all alike. However, there are multiple types of affiliate marketing programs, formats and types. Some programs offer Cost per Action, while others might be Cost per Sale or Cost per click, and still others offer payouts on tiers of referrals or even recurring commissions. Each of these options is still considered affiliate marketing, but they have different functions. Beginning with Cost per Action, where your prospects are encouraged to complete a simple action before you get paid, such as filling out a form or entering an email address. Cost per Sale is self-explanatory, in that you’re paid a percentage of the sale amount you referred to the merchant. Cost per Click simply means you’re paid an amount for every click an ad on your website receives from visitors. Each of the program types are very similar, yet there are some fundamental differences between them. Revenue is shared with affiliates with each type, but the amount is calculated either by how many clicks, sales or leads you refer. This should highlight some of the vast potential inherent in affiliate marketing. It’s one of the easiest ways to make money online and there is absolutely nothing that comes close to it in terms of flexibility and startup ease. However, it’s important to ensure that you always stick to the rules and conditions stipulated within the affiliate program. Avoid spamming anyone, keep to those rules and you’ll be fine. The next myth is something that we have all heard, you can get rich online without spending any money or very little money. Well, if you are looking out to just pay the bills and take care of your basic household expenses, then yes, you can definitely earn that money with affiliate marketing without having to invest anything. When I say that you need money to invest, your money will mostly go towards generating traffic and paying people to do work that will otherwise take up all of your time. The secret that to why all of the super affiliates make so much money compared to others is because many of them have perfected paid traffic sources and pour a lot of money into them and get a lot of money in return. Other than product owners, the only internet marketers who are making millions are the super affiliates who heavily employ paid advertising. Master one proven paid traffic source and you are setting yourself up for a bright future. The more targeted traffic you’re able to buy, the better results you will receive.

Another frequently told myth about affiliate marketing is that average people will find it hard to get started. If you look at in the most point blank manner, affiliate marketing doesn’t require any special skills. It can be a relatively easy way to generate money without having to worry about a day job. In other words, affiliate marketing can be taken up by absolutely anybody, as long as they have a will to work and move forward. With dedication, perseverance and patience, you’ll find that success will soon follow. You’ll find plenty of regular people from average walks of life and no special skills succeeding in making big profits with affiliate marketing. If you have the ambition, motivation and desire to succeed, there’s no stopping you.

Affiliate marketing really can be that simple. There’s no initial investment to worry about, so you won’t be out of pocket to start. Why not begin now and get started on your journey to financial freedom?

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