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3 Article Marketing Tips For Immediate Impact

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Posted by steve on July 9, 2011 at 7:55 am

Article marketing is perhaps the best method to promote anything if you’re concerned about cost effectiveness. We’ll be sharing a couple of article marketing strategies and tips that hopefully you’ll find of good use to you.

The biggest blunder in article marketing is writing an article that offers very little to the reader in terms of quality and accuracy. Article marketing can work extremely well if you take the time to do it properly. It delivers exactly what your target audience is looking for, and that is information they can put to use now. It’s pointless to provide information that’s outdated and of no value because people will not be interested in your offers. Be sure to write clearly and in relatively simple terms so people don’t have to work to know what you’re trying to say. A good idea is to have your articles created in such a way that they give out specific instructions to the end user. You always want to work to provide solid value, as well. You want to create an irresistable urge to know more, and you won’t do that if you tell everything in your articles. You’re trying to compel people to want to know more now, and then they’ll click-through your link to discover more. So the info that you place in your article has to act as a hook, to get your targeted audience interested. You can assess the strength of your articles against what we’ve discussed so far.

If you have created a product that affiliates are selling, you can use article marketing in a very effective way. Supply your affiliates with articles about your product, have them use their own affiliate IDs, and have them distribute the articles. Articles can make it simpler for affiliates to sell your product and they don’t even have to write them. In a way, you’re helping your affiliates to bring in more sales, which will obviously improve your profits. Helping your affiliates take advantage of your articles will take you a long way because you’re giving them an easy, effortless way to drive traffic to your product itself.

You can experiment with delivering articles to your optin list for the appropriate market. You can put some articles together and create an ebook, and then use that for building a list. Or you can create an ecourse or even videos from them. This is called repurposing content, and it’s a smart thing to do to get the most mileage from your content. But naturally all of your content should be of good quality. You don’t want to send out just any kind of article on any topic. Low quality content will only burn you and hurt your online reputation.

Many thousands of marketers have successful used articles to generate targeted traffic, so be sure to learn all the tips you can find.

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