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3 Deadly SEO Mistakes (Avoid at All Costs!)

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Posted by steve on February 28, 2011 at 3:42 pm

Search engine optimization can help your site’s ranking in the search engines, but it has to be done correctly. You might be making the following mistakes that usually affect an SEO campaign.

Using flash on your site is an easy mistake that is not hard to avoid. So what purpose does flash really serve? It gives your site a cool and happening look, right? But if you really look at what is happening, you will see that flash can do your site less good and more harm. In the first instance flash takes a lot of time to load on your site, and your guests are not going to like waiting. Secondly, flash cannot be read by the search engines, which means there’s absolutely no use of it when you can’t even get that page ranked. Despite this, many webmasters attempt to make sites beautiful by adding flash to the homepage, and doing this blocks every possibility of the site ranking well in the search engines. Use plain HTML pages with high quality content if you really want to use flash that badly. Doing this is somewhat effortless, and in reality it will reduce your burden. Besides not being able to read flash, search engines can’t read frames either. So the search engines will basically ignore all of the content and navigation that you have in frames. You should be updated about the search engines and learn to stay in step with the times. If you go beyond traditional methods there are a lot of experiments that you can do with SEO. Lastly, remember that with flash you maybe you will impress your visitors for a moment, but over the long term everything will suffer because your traffic will suffer, this is important. So ditch flash and use high quality content that is better suited for your purposes, this is wise. There are many times when you think you’re doing right in SEO, but in actuality you’re doing the wrong. This usually happens when you don’t understand or follow the guidelines set by the search engines. To get high rankings, you will need to follow certain rules and disregarding them can be harmful for you. Most of the dishonest SEO tactics go opposite these norms, which is not the proper way. Your aim should be to work within the framework laid by the search engines and build a relationship with them, rather than going against them, because you obviously can’t win with them. There is nothing evil about making up new SEO strategies but you should not risk your website and its reputation when doing so.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving images without the ALT tags. Include ALT tags on all of the images on your site as the search engines think this is important. The main reason for these tags is so that your visitors can know what an image is about before it has finished loading. However, it can help you with your search engine rankings. Make sure the keywords that you include in the ALT tag are okay for both humans and the search engines. In summary, the SEO mistakes we discussed above are just a tip of the ice berg, you’ll discover many more as you move ahead.

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