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3 Solid Methods To Gain More Testimonials

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Posted by steve on September 17, 2011 at 3:08 am

There are quite a few things you can do for your site and business to increase the feeling of trust in your visitors.

The testimonial constitutes social proof for your business and products, or services, and they flat-out work when it comes to helping people have a profitable warm fuzzy for you. If you’re in the position where you have made some sales, but you don’t have many testimonials, then that needs to be addressed, immediately. The rest of this article will show you three techniques that can have you getting more testimonials from your existing customer base. For instance, if you want to move from local mobile monopoly niche to a new niche, you’ll have to keep yourself updated.

One of the growing trends these days is to have a video testimonial, which is really effective. When people view a video, it has a huge affect and it is easier to convince them. The drawback with video testimonials is that you have to really have a great product in order to get someone to provide a video testimonial. But if you can manage to do this, there is no other promotion like it. Plenty of websites are not using video testimonials to their advantage, which means that you can leverage them to get more conversions. Videos are said to have a lot of value, so be certain you use this to your advantage. When you are asking people to give testimonial, you need to put it in a subtle way. The word testimonial tends to scare people off when they have say things on camera. So instead of using the word ‘testimonial’, you can try asking them for their story explaining how your product/service has helped them and made a difference in their lives. This will calm your customer down and make them eager to give good comments. They won’t feel too much pressure to be professional or forceful. It give them the opportunity to talk in their own words the way that they want. For example, if your aim is to go for the local mobile monopoly bonus niche, you can very well be successful in making it big with it once you set up a strong foundation.

The people in your audience need to see people who are like they are; people from the same audience or market. Your potential prospects, or readers, not only need to read the testimonials, but they need to be able to connect with them or related to them. It’s just human nature that people react more positively when that bond is created, and they’ll be more likely to buy from you. They will feel much safer and in place when buying your product or service.

Much depends on your market, but generally speaking it should not be hard for you to get real and genuine testimonials. You just need to take the right steps and be consistent in your approach. Slowly you’ll gather a number of testimonials that you can use on your website and your marketing campaigns.

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