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3 Video Marketing Tips for Your Online Business

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Posted by steve on May 10, 2011 at 9:17 am

Videos are now one of the leading promotional tools for online marketers. Given below are a few easy to apply video marketing tips that give results. Look at this Wedding Tips web site

With videos, you can take any product and turn it into a brand name that people will remember. When it comes to internet marketing, nothing is more critical than turning you or your product into a brand. When you create videos, you can place a watermarked image of your logo that people will see the whole time. If your videos are interesting and well made, people will remember the name of your product or company and have a good image of it. You can use video marketing in quite a few ways One way to get more exposure for your videos is if a website that gets a lot of traffic embeds your video. If you make a number of related videos, you start to build brand recognition and more people will share them. If you want to see a website that takes advantage of this technique, visit Their videos are well made and know how to target a specific niche, college students. The key, however, is that they are consistent, so their viewers have come to recognize them as a brand, and return to the site frequently. There is no reason why you can’t do the same thing and create videos in your own niche that are good enough so that people watch and share them. Your videos can spread virally this way, which will be a great boost to your brand’s recognition factor.

Video sharing sites will give you the option of using a small thumbnail to preview the video.

Many people forget how effective an eye catching thumbnail can be. It allows you to promote your video and increase your number of views. So try and take advantage of this small feature and make it work for you. Use a thumbnail that will catch the attention of the audience you want. It should convey the meaning and the purpose of the video and at the same time, make the viewer want to click and watch it. Check out this Wedding Videographer web page

There are several reasons why you should always put a watermark on your videos that contain your URL. You should show your site’s URL throughout the video, so that your viewers get a clear idea about what you’re promoting. You can do this, apply watermarks, for all of your videos, and actually your video editing application will make doing so much easier. Watermarking your videos with your URL makes more sense than with your logo, because the purpose of your video is to drive targeted traffic to your site. When you create your videos, try to stay away from talking too much about yourself – people generally don’t care. Watermarking is the most you can do with your marketing videos, so don’t ignore it.

Overall, video marketing is becoming popular due to the amount of online media and the response from the videos themselves. Have a look at this Wedding Photography Wollongong page

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