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3 Ways To Crush it With Teleseminars

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Posted by steve on May 7, 2011 at 12:21 pm

Hosting a teleseminar? Here’s an easy and simple checklist ot follow each time you host a live or automated teleseminar.

Step 1: Choose Your Topic

Before creating a call and blasting “something” out and attracting people you need to have a focus and a good hook to get people to show up on your calls. If it’s a boring sounding headline like How to Save Money … guess what? The crickets are a comin’. But on the flip side if it’s something like ” 10 Ways To Save $599 Dollars Today ” my guess is your call will be packed!

So create a killer title that gets people excited. No broing dull stuff here.

Step 2: Create Your Registration Page

What’s the goal of your teleseminar? Is it to get more cusomters, more leads, more exposure? So to start building a list, you need to create a sign up page that captures, at a minimum, their name, and email address so you can follow up with them via email. Now, text messaging is becoming a great way to let them know 30 or 60 minutes prior to the call, that’s it’s coming soon.

On your sign up page, you want to have a bold headline , a sub-headline , some good bullet points telling the visitor a reason why to attend the call, what they will discover , a call to action (ie: sign up now!), and your a place to capture their contact info: name, email, and if you’d like to, their phone number.

Step 3: Create Your “Thanks” Page

Finally, you want to create the “thanks” page. This is the page that the new registered person will see to get their call-in information. If you want to confirm their email address using a double opt-in confirmation, you’ll want to guide them to check their email to get the call-in information.

You can also offer an upsell at this point. Since they have already raised their hand saying, “I’m interested in this topic “, why not offer them something that they can buy right there to “do their homework” before the call even starts.

It’s a money maker.

That’s a simple checklist of things you need to get moving with your teleseminar, generating leads, customers, and in the end growing your business. Find out more how to make more money using automating teleseminar and to do teleseminar marketing.

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