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5 Tips in EBook Marketing Secrets

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Posted by steve on March 31, 2011 at 5:27 pm

EBook publishing is one way to promote your business in the internet marketing . This idea can give you a regular flow of income or even better.

Follow these 5 tips to help you operate your own eBook business and reach success. Have a look.

Tip #1 – Competitive pricing for eBooks

The optimum price for your eBook is creating a plan that would make your target audience buy your  eBooks without thinking twice about it. Research and testing is the key point in price tagging your products .

Look for corresponding eBooks that are marketable and figure out how much do these products sell. In this way, you have a good idea on how to price tag your eBooks competitively.

Another technique is to test your eBooks through advertisement tracking and other niche marketing strategies. You can adjust your products price to a lower price until people see that your product eBooks are feasible and the response is positive.

Bear in mind not to over price or under price your eBooks. Under pricing your products may give the perception to readers that it is not competitive enough. Over pricing as well may not be a good idea. The main point in pricing your product is the credibility and the valuable information given to buyers.

Tip #2 – Giving promotional offers

There are many ways to give out promotional offers to your potential customers. As said earlier a good strategy is creating a plan that would encourage your targeted buyers to purchase your eBooks without thinking twice. Here are some factors to be given out to customers.

  • Offering attractive incentives
  • Promotional trial periods
  • Promotional guaranties for your products
  • Installment plans
  • Offering upgrades to your products
  • Newsletters for updates in products
  • Immediate response to queries

Tip #3 – Utilizing “Autoresponders”

Autoresponders are software system programs that automatically do some jobs for you. It is also termed as “infobots”. These programs automatically targets prospected customers and send email messages that will entice your buyers to purchase any of your products.

It is very effective in a way that it works 24/7 and it catches all the information based on your sales reports and follow up messages for your target clients .

Autoresponders may be configured and personalized using this relevant information:

  • Your business is introduced officially to  prospects
  • Special offer listings
  • Benefits in buying your eBooks
  • Informational guidelines to help your customers
  • Comparing your eBooks to competitors
  • Welcome letters and thank you messages
  • Confirmation of orders
  • Acknowledgement receipts

Tip #4 – Setting up affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are commission based schemes. It is a strategy where you can recommend a site to your users and generate some incentives for any sales they get. This also applies to your affiliate site as well if in return they do it also for you.

Affiliate programs are very effecient because a larger number of targeted buyers can be achieved. Meaning, it will promote your site and products and it will also promote others sites as well. So there is a chance for higher sales in your eBooks.

Tip #5 – Giving testimonials

Testimonials of other buyers or product endorsers are one way to gain profit for online marketing . This can increase your company’s credibility and your products as well. This technique is efficient since it uses “humans” to prove that your eBooks are reliable and a good source of information to their queries.

These are the 5 tips that are revealed to you. Follow these tips and surely, you will achieve success and gain profit online.

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