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A Look At 5 Resolutions For 2011′s B2B Social Media

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Posted by steve on June 18, 2011 at 8:06 am

I’m thrilled about the great 2010 I had.  I joined the OpenView Venture Partners team and a whole new world of knowledge, skills, and information has opened up for me. Now that 2010 is winding down, I’ve listed some very crucial points for 2011 I believe fellow B2B Social Media marketers may find useful:

1) In 2011 I will not spam!

Seems simple, however, sometimes even the most successful marketers overlook that customer engagement is all about getting in touch and communicating . Before writing each post, we need to ask “Will this be useful to my readers?”

2) In 2011 I will show personality!

It is so simple to become a link spewing machine — however, avoid this at all costs!  Be sure to let the true character of the brand shine through!  Share photos, anecdotes and videos of your team. Simply enjoy yourself — no one will fault you for that.

3) 2011 will be a year for me to pay it forward!

While at times it seems that your branding objectives and online marketing strategy are more important compared to all else … however, this is not true.  Share generosity with other marketers, Be generous with your fellow marketers,use Twitter to spread vital updates you receive from others and make sure to leave comments behind if you read useful information.

4) I will exert more effort in 2011 !

Everyone has their comfort zones, whether it be written content, audio, video, among many others.  Push yourself out of your comfort zone next year.  If you prefer writing for your content marketing strategy, challenge yourself to create a video. If you are a podcast person, dare yourself to write a compelling series.  

5) I will disseminate my knowledge in 2011!

It’s the stark truth — sometimes it can feel like you are going in alone.  This doesn’t have to be the case! Share your successes, troubles and fiascos on your blog to help others learn and to solicit the opinions of your colleagues.  Seek out expertise and make sure to share your own knowledge as well.

Cheers, fellow marketers!  Let’s make 2011 great!

Corey O’Loughlin is a Marketing Analyst at OpenView Labs and is responsible for marketing initiatives for both OpenView as well as the portfolio companies.

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