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A Short Guide to Domain Flipping

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Posted by steve on May 7, 2011 at 1:43 pm

During the last ten years, numerous marketplaces where you can purchase and sell goods and services were developed online. One of these types of industries that has developed and continues to grow is that of domain flipping. Buying and selling domain names is like the virtual real estate market of the Internet. It could be termed as one of the oldest web businesses around, something that is always in demand. As long as the Internet is thriving, people are going to buy and sell domain names for profit. So the question is, can you become a part of the domain flipping world too and be successful? The answer is a resounding yes.

Organization is of the utmost importance for a domain flipper. Because you will possess a huge amount of domain names, you will not have the capability to build your business until you get organized. Keep in mind that you should register with all of the popular registrars like NameCheap and GoDaddy. This is because you should not procrastinate when good opportunity is staring you right in the face. If one company does not suit your needs, you can go to the next one. When you have a domain flipping business, you cannot lose valuable time, especially when a good opportunity is on the table. Do not take your domain flipping company for granted because your purpose is to find a long term opportunity and not just short term profits. Always be prepared to look around for possible domain names. Do not stress about how much it will cost. It something inside of you says get it, then buy it. Your whole intention should be to build your business and not procrastinate. So keep in mind that the speed in which you get your projects done is more important than the time that it takes you to plan them.

Research to determine if discounts exists. Most of the registrars will have discounted products every so often. Always be mindful of such things because as the owner of a domain name flipping business, it is in your best interest to always be looking deals when you are flipping domains. Wouldn’t it make you happy to find a domain name for one dollar and then turn around and sell it for tons of money? This is doable, if done at the right time and place. Join up with all of the registrars so that you will be alerted when there are new available offers. Also, you can watch the various websites that track registrars and provide discounts themselves. There are no other businesses like the domain flipping business when it is successful. If done properly, one sale can net a profit of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The key to making tons of money is to be consistent and continue test to find the best options. Be willing to take a few calculated risks and you will immediately know what is profitable and what is not. It will not occur immediately, but over time, it will be well worth it.

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