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A Vital Step in SEO…Keywords

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Posted by steve on May 8, 2011 at 2:59 pm

While I am not a complete novice to e-commerce having helped launch our first site in 2001, my hard learned lessons are finally in the rear view mirror.     marketing on the internet is literally and figuratively a whole new world.  Such being the case, it is essential to your success that you drop your preconceptions and study up on exactly what needs to transpire in order to give yourself a fighting chance.

So, what do I mean by these preconceptions?   For one, when I first started I met with a graphic artist skilled at creating logos and brochures, but with minimal experience dealing with the intricacies of creating an effective e-commerce site.   Talk about a bad business decision.  Wow!    AThe truth is, I didn’t know any better.      I foolishly believed that if I had a great looking site, it might take a little time, but the traffic would come.     Wrong again!    After spending about 15 thousand dollars on a great looking site, I later realized that the search engines (which eventually would become our bread and butter) did care how attractive my site was.  Instead, when the spiders came to crawl my site, they saw a big fat nothing. 

Here I am trying to compete against national retailers like Office Depot and Staples in the ultra competitive industry of general office supplies, and my site isn’t even in the same universe to my competition.  No doubt you’ll conduct a much more thorough examine before parting with your hard earned dollars. 

I thought with a great looking site I could drive traffic to the site the old fashioned way, with letters and phone calls.  Who spiked my coffee to make me believe this would work?  In 2005 (when our main site was launched), who wanted to discuss office supplies?  Answer…no one.  What was there to talk about when the internet had all the answers?  So, as I sat cranking out my letters on my dymo 450 (a great machine by the way).  I hit the proverbial wall and was ready for drastic changes.

I researched SEO to the point where I knew I had to pay another web person to redesign the site to be more searchable.  Next I did extensive keyword research.   Who knew that if I focused a little harder, I could dominate the a key phrase like pink office supplies?  With a rather impressive monthly search, utilizing this key phrase in articles, back links, and blogs, has proven that niches can be carved out in even the toughest areas. 

In there lies the answer to most internet sellers and marketers success.   The competition for the keyword phrase you need a high ranking on can be fierce. But alternative related words often have high search volume with moderate competition.  It is here that you will thrive.  Therefore start out with a mid tier term and easily own it.  This will build “your street cred” as you then attack even more desirable. 

In the interest of your time, here is what I learned…the hard way.    Of course your site must be customer friendly.  But if it is not search engine friendly as well, you are wasting your time and money.     Anything else could leave you stranded in cyberspace.  There are many aspects of effective SEO an all should be implemented the proper way.     It is absolutely crucial that you conduct a solid (yet proper) back linking campaign focused on your comprehensive keyword research.  

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