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ABC Player Streams Over 1.5 Million Episodes On Ipad

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Posted by steve on July 22, 2011 at 9:46 am

The ABC Live Internet TV app is enjoying neat success on the new Apple iPad, with users  streaming over 1.5 million episodes of ABC television shows since the launch of the new touch screen gimmick. Walt Disney owners of ABC revealed that over 400,000 copies of the free ABC player have been downloaded since April 3. Disney also announced additional features on the player.

ABC streaming lots of tv on iPad
Disney are looking for new ways to deliver TV shows as consumers move more to the web for entertainment. Disney was the first to sell commercial free TV shows on the iTunes media store and was the first to provide ad supported tv shows at the ABC website. Disney is also an investor in the video site with Fox and NBC.

The iPad has been a big success sinch launch with Apple claiming 1 million iPad tablet computers were sold in April after touch tablet pc’s release, beating the navigate iPhone. Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs is Disney’s top individual shareholder. ABC won the race to be the first tv app on iPad

When the suspected terrorist onrush happened in contemporary world Square on saturday evening, it was internet news outlets and the sociable networking sites that reported the news first and stole a outgrowth on tv news crews when a wary vehicle turned into a full bomb scare.

Times Square incident reported online first
CNN was, according to showing a rerun of the “Larry King Live” talk show whilst the bomb story unfolded during flush time. It then picked up the story live starting at 1:00 am Sunday.  Many of New York’s local tv stations also stayed with previously scheduled programming, whilst websites for The New York Times and The Daily News, as well as their Twitter feeds, were promptly feeding the story’s evolution to their online tv audiences.

The New York Times first mentions the incident on its Twitter feed at 6:43 pm Saturday and links to a related clause on its website.  The Times updated its Twitter feed eight more times and its website five more times through 6:44 am Sunday.

Similarly, The Daily News posted an alert on its Twitter feed and website at 7:52 pm Saturday, about 90 minutes after NYPD was alerted to the smoking SUV. The Twitter feed mentions the bomb scare seven more times between 8:53 pm Saturday and 4:54 am Sunday, with updates to its website in between.

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