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Adapting to Search Engine Needs

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Posted by steve on June 13, 2011 at 11:52 am


The recipe for traditional SEO services is fairly simple and easy recipe to follow, much like that very delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe that you found in a box on top of grandma’s closet that you discovered after she came to you in a dream to tell you about its whereabouts because she knew you loved them and are the only one who deserves the recipe now that she’s gone  The traditional SEO services ingredients list contains basic necessities like 400 grams of keywords, a teaspoon full of title tags, a 50 grams of links, 50 grams of h tags, a whole cup of content, and a few meta tags and alt tags for presentation, toss these in a web bowl, mix well then place them on silpat to bake at 365 days for 15 minutes of fame when served.  The traditional SEO services ingredients may make a very delicious chocolate chip cookie and it can possibly bring in some great search engine page results (SERP) but it won’t be enough in larger industries and won’t keep you at the top.

Search engines are like people with various taste palettes and different cravings.  Palettes change with time.  It grows as people experience more and more flavours and, although your classic chocolate chip recipe is still tasty, serving one dish over and over will become boring.  This is where creativity and innovation take part in the SEO services recipe.

You can always use your classic recipe for SEO services as a base.  And after we learn that to Google, the age of a website is like scotch, the older the vintage the better the chances to come up higher on their results page,  sticking to the classic SEO services recipe makes sense.  But the fact that they also look into the frequency of new content tells us that we should throw in some new twists to our classic SEO services recipe.  Bringing in new flavours to add to the classic base will bring new layers into the cookie.

Other search engines like Yahoo will classify a website with regional results added to the original criteria.  If you’re not flexible with the SEO services, you could lose out on a lot of customers.  In this case, try throwing in some orange zest if you’re company is based in Florida, candied peaches for businesses in Georgia, dried mangoes for The Philippines and kiwi candy for New Zealand.

One thing is certain, it is not enough to know an amazing SEO services recipe.  What search engines look for constantly changes.  To be on top of the SEO services fair, one has to have a strong foundation while learning and trying new recipe combinations.



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