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Affiliate Marketing – An Easy Way to Success

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Posted by steve on June 29, 2011 at 8:51 am

Affiliate marketing is when you sign up to promote other people’s products (or services) for a share of the sale in the form of commissions .  As an affiliate marketer, you usually don’t require any training or capital . It’s the easiest route to start internet marketing .

Your job as an affiliate marketer will be to drive traffic to the affiliate program’s pitch page, where they can turn the lead into a buyer.  The more focused you are with your traffic promotions , the higher your conversion rate will be.

There are a lot of products you can promote as an affiliate, more so when you do  niche marketing . On Amazon , for instance , you can sell anything tangible (and a few digital download to boot ).  If you want to be in the paintball niche, you can include links using your associate (affiliate) ID to sell specific paintball guns, paintballs, and apparels.

You can go to websites like or  and get a one of a kind affiliate ID to sell an endless supply of infoproducts .  They have everything from acne to organic gardening.

You can also be an affiliate selling actions.  There are many Internet marketers who focus their business on obtaining a steady stream of traffic to take an action, such as completing a survey on the net .

With affiliate marketing, you don’t have to worry about developing ideas and creating products.  You don’t have to handle customer service follow-ups or continually create more products to be sold in the market .

Your job is often made easier by product owners who care so much about their own success, that they provide a toolbox to assist you with yours!  The tools usually includes readymade emails, web reviews, and banner ads you can use immediately with your own link embedded in them for immediate plug-n-play success.

Most Internet marketers will over time blur the lines between product owner and affiliate marketer.  Product owners continually use their list of buyers to sell affiliate items, and affiliates often build such a good brand in a niche market that they’re encouraged to create a product of their own.

How much can an affiliate marketer make ? There are no limits . You can market in many niches and work as much or as little as you desire to generate targeted traffic through your links.  Super affiliates earn six figures and above, but even a new affiliate can earn enough to pay the bills each month – with some change to spare!

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