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Affiliate Marketing Tips If You Are Confused

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Posted by steve on May 2, 2011 at 2:12 am

It is possible to achieve a near hands-off business with affiliate marketing if you know what you’re doing. However it does take time to learn learn how to implement the techniques that can make that possible. The rest of our discussion will be centered on some methods that are still viable and worthwhile to incorporate into your online business. If you use these affiliate marketing tips right, you will succeed.

Avoid the conversion-killing mistake of trying to press your readers with hard selling or anything that remotely appears to be a hard sell. That is the one thing that everyone hates when they buy something, and you visitors will leave your site the moment they detect a hard sell tactic. Your responsibility as an affiliate marketer is to “presell” your readers before they get to the actual sales message from the vendor. The moment you try to hard-sell, your prospects will notice it and will see you as nothing but a sales pitch. It’s easy as pie, you presell and the product owner sells. Your preselling works to make the reader a warm prospect with an openness to the sales offer. All products have drawbacks and negative points, so don’t be afraid to discuss them in addition to the obvious product benefits. You know… you will find some marketers who are afraid to be open about what they’re selling. But what will actually happen is that you will make even greater sales numbers with the more objective approach. It’s critical that your readers feel and believe they are reading someone’s objective and unbiased review of a product. It’s much like when one friend tells another person about how great some product is. Just be sure that you provde the best information that you can because your purpose is to inform the reader in a relaxed manner.

Many newer marketers have difficulty with some of the finer points of choosing an effective domain name. Think in terms of the product you’re promoting plus the primary keyword for your website. If at all possible, always avoid the free hosts in which you’ll have some subdomain name. Your domain name has to be unique and have the primary keyword in it so that the search engines give it high priority, since they rank domains with the keyword in them, higher.

Try to get some real testimonials from customers as soon as possible because they are powerful. Testimonials are social proof to your site visitors, and they have always worked and always will. You can use the right from the main sales copy page for the product, or even from experts if you can find them and work them in. Make a video using the testimonial pictures and the actual text, and then you can put that on your site and Youtube as well. Instead of just posting plain text testimonials you can use audio/video testimonials that you can record from the experts or even the customers. In addition, you’ll find that people will stay on your site longer because of the video, so that’s another plus to consider.

Of course, affiliate marketing takes some effort to make money – but it certainly is nothing hard to do. No doubt you can still make money with affililate marketing, so just learn and more than anything else – take some kind of action. You can set up your whole business by just aiming at affiliate marketing.

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