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Amazing ideas for a wedding.

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Posted by steve on July 1, 2011 at 10:35 am

Preparing for a wedding can be a huge task. There are a million different details to consider, but then you already know that. So want to truly set your wedding apart and do one that you can be sure has never been done before? To do that you’re going to need the help of special and custom made items.

Let’s talk about some examples. You can customize door hangers, with our online design tool, into a “welcome” door hanger on each guest’s hotel room. You could put a picture of the bride and groom as well as an itinerary of events on one side, and the perfunctory “Do not Disturb” on the other. Your guest will get a real kick out of this and it will give them something to take home afterward.  

Signs can be really fun and really help to get your message across. You can have  a custom sign pointing the way to the wedding. A banner with the bride and grooms picture can be used to loudly proclaim the wedding to all that care to see. Little signs directing the guests on times, rooms, and other important information, can add some order and be cute all at the same time. 

For the table that the bride, groom, and parents are seated, you can have an engagement picture put on our special stein glasses. Not only are the glasses now keepsakes, but they are also conversation pieces. Another idea is to take the engraved heart shaped box, and have people place their “best wishes” on scrap paper inside the box. In addition, you can engrave a message and/or picture on the pen they use to write their best wishes.


You can place a picture frame you customized, using our online design tool, on every table at the reception. Not only do the guests get to “Ooh and Aah” over the photography, but the frame says something special about the couple or wedding. You get to dazzle your guest with the photography, and the frame shows the attention to detail and how the couple feels about each other.

For the honeymoon sendoff, custom create car flags that say something more then “Just Married”. Incorporate a picture and/or message that will make their “get away” car, the talk of the town. You can also use our vehicle vinyl lettering tool to truly be creative with the back window. 

With a little time and imagination, you can transform your wedding into a memorable event for everyone that participated. So look through our catalog of products, call if you need help, and make your wedding an unforgettable one!  

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