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Are Blogs Still A Productive Business Platform

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Posted by steve on May 16, 2011 at 10:08 am

Can a business still use a blog in a meaningful way, or have the new social media web sites, such as Twitter and Facebook become more fashionable. Yet blogs still have a valuable place. In fact, many businesses discovered a number of years ago that customers had been turned off by fact-heavy web sites that was like pages from an Annual Report. After they made their sites more interactive, often through blogs, the whole company-customer dynamic changed and grew to become more positive and involved.

It’s recognized in the business blogosphere that Dell Computers showed the way, it’s said that they were one of the original companies to embrace this approach. Even as successful a business, Dell was, a barrier continued to exist between the company and its consumers, many of whom had frustrating complaints that weren’t being answered. The moment the business set up to receive blog entries, the improvement in the relationship with customers was remarkable. General Motors, too, had an identical experience.

A company blog can deliver a supplement to standard email newsletters as well, whilst some clients might still count on the emails for updates and never think of visiting the web site, whilst other individuals will be more proactive and check blogs regularly to look for the latest information. Companies should interact with consumers in various techniques. If it’s kept up to date on a regular basis, the blog can give fresh information that won’t disappear down the web page at a rapid pace, say, as the more ephemeral tweets on Twitter. Up-to-date business news could be posted in a pleasant, casual fashion, allowing customers to inquire or express their views. And their remarks will not vanish down the page either.

Companies have to be careful of raising consumers’ expectations. While a virtually one-on-one relationship might be entirely possible between a small business and its customers, bigger companies will not have the ability to follow through to all complaints or queries, and this could harm its reputation if it is not careful.

But another use for blogging, and one that companies had not even considered initially, is for inside correspondence. Although employees can keep in contact via email, meetings or conference calls, an internal blog can focus on one department or a single project, providing a central place for any team to receive normal updates or make an informal record of their progress. This technique is really a very good way to keep workers informed of business news without his or her email inbox piling up to an uncontrollable level.

Although blogs are now in numerous ways less active, they continue to have a function in giving up-to-date business information and reports to clients and getting comments from them. Belonging to the more tried and true internet business, they supply info in a more stable form than other media, yet permit a company to stay in productive, favorable contact with its clients.

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