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Article Marketing Strategy Techniques For Anyone

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Posted by steve on May 10, 2011 at 11:25 am

The online environment has different requirements from printed publications, no matter if we’re talking about a printed magazine or journal. The visibility and recognition of an article is the key to a successful business. Implementing an effective article marketing strategy is vital, as the search engines will index only complete information and optimized content.

Writing informative, original and relevant articles for search engines means quality market valuation. As you probably know, search engines are a main source of visitors for your content. As more SEO optimized an article is, as bigger are the changes to have more visitors and more visibility. Basically, by optimizing your articles for search engines, the number of visitors and potential customers increases. Besides the text, it’s important to associate your message to relevant visual images.

Maybe you have heard about the expressions “Content is king” and “Content is everything”, which are very popular among SEO experts and their software. The content, consisting in written texts and images, is an effective marketing tool, but only if it has the following characteristics:

Keyword density; SEO fundamental technique consists in using keywords and special phrases. Search engines are programmed to find certain words that define various domains and categories on the Internet. Keywords, identified by means of keyword research, are words that synthesize the best the main idea of our website. Choosing the right keywords is an essential aspect of SEO. Choosing the correct keywords is not as easy as it seems. For example, if we have a new website, we can’t compete for certain keywords with other websites that have a page rank 4. All we can do is to focus on content.

Keywords density can be expressed as the ratio between the most appropriated keywords for a website and the website’s content word count. The perfect keyword density is between 3%-5%.

Quality content; the main target of implementing an effective article marketing strategy is to attracts an increasingly higher number of visitors and potential subscribers or customers. High quality content means visitors who return to our website, being impressed by certain ideas, products, goods or services.

A simply and clear language; reading an online article requires 25% more efforts and attention than reading a printed text. Complex phrases and words must be avoided, because the visitors must understand the message easily. Each paragraph should express one clear message and not a bunch of information. The first two paragraphs must contain the conclusion, emphasizing the main idea and additional details.

Relevant content; many people believe that by using a wide range of keywords and information that has nothing to do with the website’s main idea, their content will be indexed faster by search engines. Unfortunately, things are not quite so. It’s vital to provide relevant content to achieve a higher rank in search engines. Any other indirectly related details are useless.

Just an article won’t ensure your success, but an effective article marketing strategy and a tactical approach are the best marketing tool to promote your business.

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