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Article Marketing: The Best Way To Build Links

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Posted by steve on June 4, 2011 at 9:51 am

Getting a good natural rank for a high value phrase on the big search engines can make you a huge amount of cash. When considering this it’s quite obviously worth it to get good search rankings for big money keywords on Google. Unfortunately this is far easier said than actually accomplished.

As a full time affiliate marketer who relies almost entirely on natural search rankings for his money I have a lot of valuable experience in finding out what really works for achieving higher organic search rankings and what doesn’t. If you have the slightest clue about SEO then you will not be shocked to learn that the most important thing is building links.

Building links is the most important element in getting the organic search rankings on Google that make me the majority of my money and the top way that I build links is with article submissions. I don’t mean just submitting articles to EZineArticles, I mean submitting “spun” articles to good article submission services which send out articles to many different sites.

This very article is an example of what I’m talking about. This article was submitted via the following 5 article marketing websites: Unique Article Wizard, <a href=””>Article Marketing Automation</a>, <a href=””>ArticleRanks</a>, SEOLinkVine, and

I should also mention that I use some great software called Magic Article Rewriter to write and spin all of my articles so that I can write and spin an article to be submitted via all five of these websites. This greatly leverages the work that I do and I highly recommend that you do the same thing.

This article submission system can be used to build links to anything you are able to imagine from a dog trainer in Austin, Texas to handmade jewelry to a photography website to a site promoting <a href=””>The Beatles USB stick</a> to a Virginia hotel website. Obviously these are just a few examples out of the millions of possibilities that exist. And this is why I am not afraid to share any of my “secrets” with you. I know it’s very unlikely you will be in the exact same market as I am.

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