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Article Marketing – Traffic Is Just Around The Corner

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Posted by steve on May 13, 2011 at 9:14 am

Do you any idea what it takes to get traffic by writing articles? The trick to publishing articles is not all about having a lot of articles on the internet, even though it can help, it’s about getting quality articles online so you can do different things to bring in website visitors.

For anybody that is new to creating articles and even those of you who have been writing articles for a while, the main reason to publish an article is to build a reputation and establish trust. The main reason this is the best reason to write articles is so that you work on earning earn the readers trust and then work off of that in order to get a click through.

Tips to get website traffic by publishing articles

Write daily – The first thing you should know is that you should write often in order to get lots of traffic. Lots of people only write roughly 5 articles each week and don’t ever get anywhere from it. You should write at least 3-6 articles each day in order to get a lot of traffic quickly.

Submit anywhere – Another thing you need to do is submit your articles everywhere. My primary rule is to submit articles to Ezinearticles and then at least 10 others later. The reason I always publish articles to them first is because they’re the greatest and give my site the most link juice to my sites. Also you should submit articles to many other websites and directories to get readers  from more than only a few places.

Write wonderful articles – Another thing you must understand regarding composing articles is that you need to write really good articles or no one will even read what else you are trying to say and they will never click through to your website.Just remember what you do when you read articles on the internet, would you click the link if the post was full of lies and did not help you out at all?

Add a noticeable link – The last thing you should do is to add a really noticeable link to each article you compose, even if they’re on other websites. The reason you want to utilize a really noticeable link is so that the viewer does not look over it. My suggestion for utilizing links is to  place them in bold, italics, caps or just ensure that the color is different that way the visitors know it’s a link, clicks on it and you will be able to earn cash from that reader.

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