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Basic Twitter Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Posted by steve on June 3, 2011 at 9:04 am

Lots of marketers get all kinds of Twitter followers, but their still waiting for them to arrive at their websites. If that’s you, then of course you have pondered your situation there at Twitter. You’re also probably aware that Twitter is an excellent vehicle for building great relationships with other business owners. We’ll review some mistakes that causes these kinds of problems, and you can assess your own situation there. Super new marketing revolutions can be found at this Twitter Marketing web site

As you interact with your followers, it would be a mistake to become personal with them. There’s no reason to tell them personal aspects of your life, plus chances are they don’t really care. Also, probably much like you – people will only read those things they deem to be important to them. They won’t be putting any effort to look into tweets that talk about how good your coffee was. Make it business by tweeting relevant informatioin they care about, or something that will help them. Obviously the entire point is to make them want to hear from you, or take notice of you. Keep in mind this is a marketing process, and in time people will reply to you and start visiting your site. Always, always avoid putting false or misleading information on your profile. Also, if you use a picture of your company or logo, it might make you look too dry and un-interesting. Users usually avoid such profiles. Also, even though you want to have accurate information – you might fare better with a pen name of some kind. Some people also make the mistake of trying to be too You should not worry about people being annoyed by your messages. You cannot send out a single tweet in a day and expect to be noticed among all the other tweets out there. Don’t be afraid to send out lots of tweets on the topics you know your followers are interested in. Twitter is a very busy service, so you have to send out a large number of tweets or people will forget about you. If you want to create brand recognition, you have to keep people aware of you. For the fastest ways marketers are earning money online see the Twitter Marketing Guide webpage

You don’t want your followers to see you as a straitlaced “suit.” People on Twitter want a friendly and social experience, and they want to talk to other people, not corporations. Your best strategy on Twitter is to be open and transparent. Reveal your true identity rather than using a corporate mask. This way you’ll get more responses from the people you want to connect with. All in all, Twitter marketing mistakes are very common. If you keep some of these guidelines in mind, however, you should be able to avoid many of the most common mistakes. Be helpful and open with your followers and they will appreciate you. You need to consider the latest trends in web marketing like what is seen on this Micro Blogging web page

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