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Benefits of Article Marketing and Advertising for Your Business

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Posted by steve on April 14, 2011 at 11:45 pm

While you can market a product online in a myriad of ways, nothing beats article marketing. You are about to find out why article marketing is so popular and why you need to apply it to your own business practices. 

Promoting affiliate products through article marketing can be an excellent way to make money online. One of the multiple ways you can use articles in affiliate marketing is to create targeted content on specific niches which can then be used to promote Clickbank and Amazon products. Clickbank has a wide range of information products from software to ebooks which makes it an ideal option to use with article marketing. All you have to do is design a landing page for the item you want to market with your articles and then simply link them to it. The traffic that drives through the articles to this landing page will be directed to the main product’s page. Article marketing helps to drive traffic which is key to successful affiliate marketing, one of the most effective ways to make money online. This is because affiliate marketing requires targeted and qualified visitors to make sales. Besides that, you can also review affiliate products in your article and drive direct traffic to the product page. A little creativity is all that is required to succeed with this business model because article marketing offers affiliate marketers a huge number of options. 

You can also employ article marketing to help you create your own list of targeted subscribers. All internet marketers know that an email list is highly valuable and with article marketing you can create one that is both targeted and responsive. This can be done either by sending traffic to an opt-in page where they can sign up for a newsletter or a simple opt-in page where you can offer them something in return for subscribing to your list. You can use articles to obtain quality, relevant visitors to sign up to your list, no matter how you choose to obtain their email addresses. With this method, you will be able to expand your list with people from other related niches because you can diversify your approach. If you are planning to build a list on “search engine marketing”, for example, you will also be able to gain subscribers from articles you write on SEO, PPC and keywords research. Article marketing can be extremely useful in your list building efforts. 

The most popular benefit of article marketing is that it can help newbies get lots of traffic without needing money first. All that you need to is write targeted articles that are then put up online. There are people who pay tons of money to run banner ads and to create pay per click campaigns. Article marketing isn’t something that takes a short period of time to show results, but if you stick it out you will see that it can get you the results you’re looking for. Article marketing isn’t going to be as effective as a well planned paid advertisement, but it will do better than other forms of free marketing like forum and video marketing. But when you consider that it’s all free, and that you can test out different ways of doing it without worrying about losing money, it’s well worth it. 

Overall, the benefits shown in this article are just some of the benefits you can receive when you use article marketing.  

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