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Best Article Marketing Strategies for Traffic and Profits

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Posted by steve on April 27, 2011 at 8:49 pm

Article marketing is perhaps the best method to promote anything if you’re concerned about cost effectiveness. So let’s just move forward with this and talk about a few tips you can put to work right away.

If you have several articles in a particular niche, why not put them together to create a longer document such as e-book, which you can give away as a promotion? Along with other promotional strategies, this can be a great way to increase the amount of website traffic you get. This is a promotional technique that costs you nothing to apply, it only requires some thought. If you had 40 articles on natural healing, for example, you could compile them into a report on ” how to heal yourself naturally” with 40 different chapters. The biggest advantage of creating such a report and giving it away is that you’d get free, viral traffic coming to your from different sources. Say somewhere in your report that readers have distribution rights so that they are encouraged to send it to people on their own lists. Your goal is to have as many people read and re-circulate your report, so that it generates a lot of free traffic for you. If you write a report with high quality information in it, people will naturally want to give it to others, especially as it costs them nothing. You may as well take advantage of this content that’s there for you to use. Put them to good use and you’ll be surprised to see the kind of response you’ll receive. You can also take advantage of article marketing by placing the articles on your own website, which automatically builds trust and credibility with your visitors. It’s content, and generally speaking, all about content, and that is what your sites are all about, anyway. Besides that, when you have good quality articles on your site, it will help you attract the search engine traffic. There’s no need to do any more keyword research because you should always optimize your articles for the keywords you think you can rank for. In the beginning, always shoot for the keywords and phrases that your analysis shows that there’s not a tremendous amount of competition. You’ll be trying to strike a good balance between good monthly search volume and lower competition. If possible, try to optimize your keywords so you can get them high on the first page of Google, and that requires some bit of knowledge about keyword research and SEO.

When you are writing your articles, don’t make them too similar to each other. Use several different types of articles to get traffic and publicity. Don’t confine yourself to one subject matter. No one likes to read about the exact same subject over and over. At the same time, you can still remain within your main topic. The idea is to write about your niche, but do so with some creativity and variety. Your goal is for your readers to read all the way through and click on your link, and for this to happen they must feel they’ve gotten value from the article. With all of the article writers submitting their articles, it’s important that you stand apart and do things a little differently.

Writing well researched and high quality articles will pay off in the long run, as your readers will start to recognize you and look for your content.

You can realize better results in your own article marketing just by learning tips like you did, today.

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