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Boredom, applications, and pancakes

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Posted by steve on May 5, 2011 at 8:51 pm

The application world can save a person from a twiddling thumbs exhibition individuals nothing left to do. It also can lead to further distribution of the boredom decompressing application amongst a person’s peers. Imagine sitting in a movie theater by yourself over ten years ago just waiting for a movie to start. Now think about the same scenario for a number of people at this place in time.

The difference between now and then, and how you can easliy pass or in a way occupy the time has vastly changed. Now most grown adults seem to have the patience of a two year old. Oh how those terrible two’s have extended out for life, and now cell phone companies have become responsible for looking after this idea of a terrible two lifer for the rest of their lives. To be more specific, an application producing company has been forced to occupy this person’s time with a great app that they’ll enjoy using not only today, but the next day, and for the foreseeable future. This person, who will be termed as “Joe” from now on, can fit the profile of anybody you know.

They’re you’re best friend, worst enemy, or just your casual acquaintance. This person might be you for all we know. The app might be applied using an iPhone, Android, or even going through a social networking site like facebook app installs , but as long as it cures the boredom factor in the chair waiting for the feature to start, Joe doesn’t care beyond that. The business side of the app is a non-issue to the person using it to pass their boredom that if it cooked pancakes for them each day that this Joe guy would find it as a cool parlor trick. Give Joe something with a use in his eyes, whether that be fun, informational, assistive, or otherwise, and he will not only use this app till he literally gets up to make the pancakes, but he will tell all his friends, co-workers, and acquaintances to use it too. But it making pancakes would be cool too.

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