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Breathe Better With Vitamins

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Posted by steve on August 15, 2011 at 3:32 pm

As a dental advertising expert, I have realized that asthma has become more predominant than ever before. We have over 10 million asthmatic Americans today and the epidemic is only increasing with pollution, toxins and chemicals we breathe in every day.

Asthma is something that happens when the lungs swell, create mucus and make the lungs spasm. It makes your airways smaller, making it harder and harder to breathe. You may experience shortness of breath, pain, wheezing, dryness of the mouth, coughing and the feeling like you have a fever. Another common contributor to asthma is allergies. It can also be caused by an upper respiratory infection, stress, over exertion in exercise or a poor diet.

Another cause of asthma are antibiotics, hormones and other medication.

You will notice that medical and dental advertising stress the importance of quitting smoking to prevent a multitude of diseases, including asthma, therefore emphasizing the increase in asthmatics all over.

To prevent asthma it is important to make sure you take enough vitamin B, A. E and C as they all protect the lungs and heart, and in turn lower your chances of suffering from an asthma attack.

Another less common nutrient is the gingko biloba and it enhances breathing and helps with bronchial reactions. Another anti-inflammatory agent is odorless garlic. It will also decrease your chances of getting an attack.

Other ways to lower your chances of being asthmatic is eating a high in protein diet and eating several small meals a day versus three large meals, as well as eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.

If you feel signs of asthma go see your doctor to get tested. Refer to your doctor’s website or dentist’s dental website marketing for more information too.

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