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Posted by steve on May 9, 2011 at 6:41 am

Every single day, there are perhaps hundreds of people who are trying to get into internet marketing for the first time in their lives. They all know that nowadays there are always great opportunities to earn big money when you have your own online business. And the requirements, if there are any, to get you started is not that hard. For one thing there is no age limit. You can be just a teenager or someone who is well into his 60s and still have your own online business and succeed with it. You do not need a big capital. In most cases all you need is creativity, ingenuity and perhaps some tools and services to make the job easier for you. These are what the top marketers like Marlon Sanders honestly believe that all entrepreneurs should have. The guy has built his own marketing empire on perseverance and resourcefulness.

Since you are getting into internet marketing, you definitely need your own website where you can sell your product or service. Because it is where your customers will get to know your business much better and where you will also lead your target customers. Most marketers put up a sales page on their website. Some only have that one page and no deeper pages, so to speak.It is there where you can put your salesmanship to work and write the best sales letter that you can. Of course if you do not have the gift of a good writing skills then you should hire a copywriter to write your sales letter. You need the best sales copy that you can come up with because that is one of the main part of your online business that can convince the customer to purchase your product.

But what if you do not know HTML? What if you do not even know what HTML stands for? That is why when you are in the market for a good web site creation service or software, just like the Design Dashboard, make sure that you get one that is user friendly enough for complete beginners like you to work on it right out of the box. There are many products out there that offer point and click interface and with ease of web publishing that also follows that same principle. Why is this important and why should you not just hire a web designer or developer to do it for you?

While you can always hire a web developer or designer to just create a website for you, there are a few disadvantages to it. One is that it will cost you money and it will be a great concern if your budget is very limited. Add the fact that if you want a great looking site, you of course need a great developer and those people do not come cheap Second, you are putting your own website at the hands of another person. What if after a few months you want to make some changes? Will have to contact that developer again but if he is not available you will have to find another one. The process goes round and round and does not really spell good business.

Fast, reliable and easy to use. These are the qualities or features that you want to have in your site creation software if you want to build a website for your online business. While there may be other features like search engine optimization tools and free images, these are just an additional. What you really need is to have a website published quickly so you can focus on the internet marketing aspect of your business.

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