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Can Someone Answer These WP Syndicator Questions?

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Posted by steve on June 22, 2011 at 9:33 am

he WP plugin WP Syndicator is being used by most net marketers and web designers to push their sites through content syndication. Although there are many other programs that a conscientious link builder makes use of to further enhance his campaigns, one would generally find this WordPress plugin in a link builder’s tool kit.

Therefore what is it with this plugin that draws blog owners and internet marketers? Let’s see:

Is it not difficult to get / install? Yes. This is a plugin, so it takes nearly a minute or two to download the programme after purchase. Once downloaded, all you have to do is unzip the content from the zip file and run the installer.

Is it user-friendly? The programme is tailor-made specifically for WordPress and has a very simple interface. Setting it up is rather like individually logging in to the Web 2.0 web sites only less complicated as there’s just one all-access page for you to fill out and complete, and that is it. Using it for backlink building is as easy as clicking the “autosyndicate” button on the WP toolbar.

Is it effective? The plugin automates the content syndication process by saving your login details credentials to the specified websites. So long as your accounts to those sites remain active, WP Syndicator will successfully market your content through.

The plugin also makes use of a link-shrinking service to be certain your URLs get through to Web 2.0 sites that only permit a restricted quantity of characters, and you’d need to register for an account for this, also. The plugin can be configured to automatically syndicate your content to all of the sites in it’s roster, or you can change over to customized syndication simply by ticking the corresponding button.

Is it trusty? The increasing number of users and subscribers talk lots about this plugin. The incontrovertible fact that it continually gets updated by developer and author Andy Fletcher makes this program all the more valuable and effective, as the updates will involve patches to correct technical glitches, if any, and stretching the list to incorporate new and trending Web 2.0 platforms to further spread content.

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