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Can You Sell Ideas to Others

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Posted by steve on June 19, 2011 at 9:57 am

No matter what sort of enterprise you are in or what position you hold, you must have the ability to sell your suggestions to others.

If you’re the owner, then you have to sell your ideas to your employees or your board of directors.  If you are an employee of a enterprise then you have to be able to sell your ideas to your boss, your organization, or your clients.  It appears that in this life, no matter regardless of whether it’s in company, relationships, or parenthood you had greater be adept at selling your suggestions to others.

It isn’t tough to master this procedure nevertheless it takes practice.  The first and most significant rule of thumb would be to keep in mind that one’s credibility and power to make the desired modifications must be earned.  Here are some specific points to keep in mind:

•    Be absolutely positive that you understand each aspect associated to your proposal.  If you will find obstacles within your organization to your thought, locate a way around them just before you make your suggestions.  Then once they are raised, you are able to come up with a solution.
•    Know who or what sections of one’s organization may be affected negatively by your thought.  Then discover a way to modify it in order that the organization can get all or most of the advantages devoid of any parties getting hurt.
•    Be aware of one’s own credibility.  Typically, it’s the presenter far more than what’s presented which is judged.
•    Limit the number of suggestions made.  This may boost your credibility if you’ve prioritized your suggestions before trying to sell them.
•    When you need to be taken seriously, you must use the guidelines for creating influence.  The Four Rs; Role, Respect, Relationships, and Rhetoric.

Make certain your role is the fact that of a clear advocate.  Gain the respect you need via tough perform and dedication to your responsibilities.  Kind alliances that are based on mutual respect and hard work.  Finally, know exactly what that you are proposing and all of the implications of the idea.

The potential to sell your ideas to others is really a useful asset to your life and understanding how it’s carried out is effortless.  No matter whether or not you are dealing with your peers, your business, your young children, or your significant other – your capacity to sell your concept will likely be utilized so hone this tool effectively.



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