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Choosing Hosting – Things To Remember

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Posted by steve on April 13, 2011 at 2:18 am

Putting together a website can be scary, especially if you are new to web development and projects like it. Trying to go it alone can be scary. Trying to build your own website can even be risky! It is important to practice caution when deciding who gets to access certain information and find out certain facts about you. Choosing a good web hosting company is the best way to ensure that your development project gets off on the right foot. But how do you know which hosting company is the best?

Do you have specific e-mail needs? E-mail marketing is common place for most of us, but it is good to double check to make sure your hosting provider can accommodate your needs. When you have a project that involves a lot of independent contributors, it is nice to provide those contributors with their own project e-mail addresses. This usually means offering dozens of individualized e-mail addresses for each person that helps you with your project. Pay close attention to the e-mail provisions given to you by your chosen hosting provider and make sure that your needs will be met before you give any money to the company. Ask a lot of questions. Make contact with each of the companies you are thinking about buying hosting from. Ask to speak with a customer service representative. You want to avoid any company that does not offer you a live person to speak to. You shouldn’t trust a company that won’t let you speak to live customer service agents over the phone or in person. If a hosting company is legitimate it will provide you with a way to contact a live employee and allow you and that employee to have an impromptu conversation-if this is not provided the company is probably just another internet scam. Even small companies should have at least one person you can talk to. Be wary of any company without live representatives!

Have you thought about your control panel? If you’re new to site building and web development, you’ll want to find a control panel that is easy to use and understand and that will allow you to install things with just a few mouse clicks. Those who have been around the web building block a few times will probably feel a little more comfortable with a control panel that isn’t as extensive as one meant for newbies. The type of control panel you will need will help you choose the web host that best serves your needs. Control panels for people who are new to web building are usually a lot more extensive than those who have experience building things themselves, which is why those hosting plans usually cost more money than other plans that are out there. It is a rule of thumb that the easier it is to use your hosting, the more it is going to cost.

When you decide to build your own space on the web there are lots of things you can do to make sure you find the best hosting provider available. Save yourself time and stress by doing your research and planning out your site before you begin searching for the perfect hosting plan. Asking questions and exploring a variety of options is totally okay. You’ll be glad you did.

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