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Clickbank Alternative?

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Posted by steve on April 9, 2011 at 8:24 pm

Clickbank is being known for  long as the marketplace for digital product where affiliate commissions are given bi-weekly instead of monthly like other marketplaces do. While this is favorable, along with the fact that with Clickbank affiliates can have bigger commissions, this can not be the best solution for everybody needs fast cash in term of now-ness.

 Then it came in Jonathan Leger’s 7dollars script. This script was rapidly accepted as standard for every promoter who wants to provide a 100% instant commission sent directly to his/her affiliates. However, there wasn’t any marketplace yet for this instant commission practice even though there were some 7dollar malls tried to build a kind of marketplace for this kind of instant commission.

 Sid Hale’s Rapid Action Profits seemed to be able to refine the shortcomings of Jonathan Leger’s 7dollars script when it first made available . This script has more features such as hiding Paypal email address where the commission would be sent to, a better one time offer process, etc.

 Still, the revolution hadn’t come in place until the launch of RAPBank on April 1st, 2010. With an add-on built around the success of RAP (Rapid Action Profits), RAPBank is rapidly gaining members which consists of affiliates and vendors.

The different between RAPBank and Clickbank is the way the commission is provided , and the way the service is given. With Clickbank, you need to pay a fee for each transaction. Be it as an affiliate or vendor. With RAPBank you can be an affiliate and sell products for instant commission without the need to pay such fee. It is even free to join. To be a vendor with some benefits, you’re only need to pay a small monthly fee. No fee need to be paid for every product sold. Doing a simple math, you will easily find out that huge saving can be obtained with RAPBank listing compared to Clickbank listing.

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