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Comparison Between Paid Traffic and Free Traffic

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Posted by steve on May 6, 2011 at 2:54 pm

Traffic is one important aspect in online businesses. The question of which one is better is merely just an illusion. Both are decent approaches only that one will be above the other if the internet site owner will be consistent in his decision in concentrating on either paid traffic or free traffic. Initially we must go to the costly side of it. Getting paid traffic is not bad and is quite effective. Some companies probably would offer great discounts and packages but nevertheless this would likely cause you more or less 100 dollars per day. Subsequently before you decide in investing a large sum of cash look on the possibility that maybe in the future you will not be able to afford this anymore.

Sure you are in cloud 9 appropriate now as your page ranks are up and you are among the privileged few who are on top of the search engine result list. But what happens whenever you decide not to pay such big amount anymore? Any time the day comes that you do not subscribe to the online advertising and marketing firms anymore you will slowly see your page ranks and traffic diminish and crying over spilled milk will not be a solution. Subsequently before you decide you have to make sure that you can really provide the needed funds, it not just going to be useful written content that’s going to save you, it is also the amount of money and time you spent in internet marketing.

Looking to the free side of things free traffic is easily done. It only takes much time and effort but it truly pays off. One of the known traffic methods is link structuring. Through link building you spread out the link of your respective internet site and people reach you through this. You can also opt to blog commenting with the link must come a smart and useful comment. Also you can reach millions of users through social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Plurk. These sites are for free and work in two ways. One is through direct visits through members and second is the recommendation of the members that see ones own profile through other members. When members see that you simply have a profile in this kind of sites they immediately perceive you as an active entity.

Add great articles and other content and look professional, surely they’ll check out your internet site. Also members who have experienced the products and services that you offer will recommend you to other networks. This is termed as viral networking or word of mouth. At the end of it all, better is what suits an individual’s needs and ones own income. All yield the same amount of results just as long as you do ones own research and groundwork. What matters is that you simply do your own part in providing quality information and products.

Garnering traffic will be easier if you promise a fruitful visit every time they link in to an individual’s web-site. The secret here is the consistency and the good promotion plan. If you consider all the aspects of these two for sure either paid traffic or free traffic you’ll garner the page rank that you need.

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