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Posted by steve on August 31, 2011 at 10:30 pm

There are several medical circumstances that may be enhanced by practicing yoga. It may be utilized to lessen the negative effects of infertility, lung disease, Parkinson’s illness, several sclerosis, insomnia, cancer, high blood pressure, and joint pain. The advantageous effects of yoga practices are nicely recognized not only by the yoga community but also by medical physicians.

One of the principal components that lead to an illness is anxiety. Becoming responsible for a huge quantity of sicknesses, this item, which we develop in our minds, could be reduced through a good usage of yoga techniques. Here are just some of the problems that are associated to an more than active anxiety response: depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, some types of diabetes mellitus, cardio-vascular disease, numerous autoimmune diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, reproductive problems, and an aggravated suppression of the immune system.

The response of the sympathetic nervous system can trigger pressure in our metabolism. The reaction to various outside stimuli is also known as the “fight or flight” response – the thoughts and body, faced with an endangering or disturbing element, prepare for one of the two possibilities. Physically, this is manifested by way of an instantaneous heart rate enhance, together having a high ascent of blood pressure. Breathing gets shallow along with the muscles tense in anticipation to the following action. Internally, this response reduces the blood flow to internal organs and processes which are not essential in that particular moment (like digestion and elimination) are shut down. This state of increased awareness and readiness is beneficial on a short term, preparing our physique to react towards the outside interventions and stimuli. Each in a “fight” and in a “flight” scenario, the physique is physically and mentally prepared to act. The dilemma arises when long-term exposure to comparable pressure takes place. This “fight or flight” response is only meant to assist on short periods of time – the longer it really is activated the less resources will the physique have to function typically.

There can be a natural countermeasure for the “fight or flight” response. It’s referred to as the parasympathetic nervous program or the “relaxation response.” It truly is automatically activated when the elements that triggered the tension are gone nevertheless it is also feasible to increase its effects by breathing deeply and relaxing your muscles. By rising the length of this method we let our physique to recover more rapidly, enabling it to remove the dangerous effects of tension in a prompt and efficient manner.

Yoga highlights the notion that by making use of breathing and relaxation techniques you’ll be able to lessen the harmful effects of anxiety factors on your physique. A lessened “fight or flight” response may also be accomplished by looking at adverse factors as challenges instead of threats. This method permits your mind to concentrate on obtaining a solution, as opposed to generating an abrupt response. An additional idea employed by this approach is that of acting versus reacting, of taking initiative versus responding to outside components.

The constructive effects of yoga during a healing method are undeniable. Nonetheless, these techniques need to only be employed as a form of assistance and the healing shouldn’t rely solely on them. The best results are achieved by combining yoga with conventional and contemporary medicine and by addressing a problem both from a psychological and physical point of view.



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