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Do You Buy Web Site Traffic to Create Profits On-Line

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Posted by steve on June 5, 2011 at 10:55 am

It’s possible you’ll currently be buying web site traffic or leads from a common source in your own market, and regardless if you are a newbie or just a experienced affiliate marketer, you’ve asked yourself again -

“Should I buy web site traffic?

You are already aware you will need to have good enough online visitors to your website, and they must be willing to purchase what you may offer before you make revenue on the internet.

More Web site traffic is way better, right? Definitely not!

You would imagine, if you ever could just buy web site traffic, you would earn more income, but it just never seems to exercise like this… the more web visitors you purchase a lot more your advertising costs appear to be usually.

Here is an excellent method to rise your profits when you can not raise web traffic for whichever reason?

Boost your conversion rate by targeting the highest quality leads at the deepest cost.

Can you work out how to get 50 sales from 2500 visitors and not 3500 that you broke even at with a PPC advertising campaign

Measuring only a 1% enhancements made on the conversion rate:

50 sales/2% conversion = 3500 visitors

50 sales/3% conversion = 2500 visitors

Assuming each sale was worth $20, that’s $1200/3500 = $.40 cost per visitor

So 2500 visitors x .40 = $800 or a profit of $400 as an alternative to $ – breaking even

1% improvement in conversion rate leads to an exponential improvement in profits of $400 in cases like this.

The point is most internet marketers usually focus on increasing web site traffic rather than improving the results they are getting from the traffic they are already have.

Also if you will add a personally referred traffic source such as article marketing to your campaigns you would reduce the expense of acquiring your visitors, by generating your own high quality visitors which convert better, increasing the rate you can create profits online

Profits are measured in sales results, not by increase in web traffic!

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