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Do You Know These three Sizzling Suggestions To Boost Your Conversion Rates?

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Posted by steve on May 27, 2011 at 9:54 am

If there was any area that has the most capability for bringing you success in online business it is site usability. People seem to get so engrossed with traffic and other things but usability does not seem to be on most peoples’ radar. If your site is not so “usable,” then basically people will not want to use it – which means stay there, or come back – meaning not very sticky. As you know, you definitely want both in your corner if you wish to succeed on the web. There is much to think about depending on the nature of your site, and the way to approach this is to have information about what is happening.

The only way for nearly all of us to have some grasp of our website is through tracking visitor actions. What you will do is identify trouble spots on your site, and then you begin testing that spot to resolve the issue. But although that is a fairly crude approach, there really isn’t much more we are able to do. Some tracking scripts are extremely simple, and of course you can use something highly effective like Google Analytics. A tracking script tracks site visitors; they all do that but many have much more cool bells and whistles. You will want to know the how, where and when of traffic flow as well as time spent on each page. The best scripts will not leave you wondering about visitor conduct on your site.

What we are referring to here is executing site wide optimization. You can optimize your website for any number of desired steps including conversion rates; both an opt-in or a sale. In order to see what works, you will employ specific kinds of tests. There are superior testing processes, but the most common is A/B split testing on your pages. Most sites are not really well-suited for Taguchi multivariate testing because it requires more performance. Where you begin and what you test is up to you, and there are typical items that people tend to test, too. But like we mentioned earlier, you use the tracking software metrics to identify possible trouble pages, and then you just begin testing that page. When you’ve got that kind of information, then it is possible to take a more intelligent strategy to your testing.

As you work to increase usability and performance, you should realize that it is a time-consuming process. Nonetheless, the long term results will be worth the time and inconvenience to do it. You will understand and appreciate it a lot more when you see what’s possible. The end game is increased success and continual business growth.

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