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Do You Really Want To Be A Driving Instructor? Getting Started Guide For Urdu Candidates

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Posted by steve on March 9, 2011 at 6:26 am

Becoming an Authorized Driving Instructor is devoid of question a long and challenging process. Like a lot of people deciding to embark on the journey, I was in a job that I didn’t get pleasure from and desired a route out. I wished to be my own manager and deal with my own time instead of being instructed what to do and once to do it.

The adverts on tv seemed convincing enough, assuring a 30K a year beginning salary seemed great. I had a prolonged and very difficult thought concerning whether this was actually the profession for me?

Like a lot of people my thought procedure was easy, I understood how to drive and I wasn’t too bad when it came to being sociable. Simply the thought of flexibility from the grip of my own job did the remainder of the persuading I needed. This portion of the process is basically quite crucial because believe me when I tell you, this is not the easy route out or suitable for everybody. It is very important that you take time to think the whole procedure over before taking one step. Not only asking oneself, can I genuinely pass the exams? But also, do I truly want to do this for a living if I pass all the exams?

So I phoned up the DSA and got the invitation pack which contained a booklet detailing the complete procedure and what I need to do to get the ball rolling. The DSA don’t make this process uncomplicated and there is some kind of anxiety all through the journey.

Once I opened up the info booklet I was really disheartened with the DSA’s attitude. In quite basic terms the starting paragraphs generally warn you that the process is very prolonged and the pass rate is quite poor. Not allowing this to put me off I sent off my form for a criminal records check and completed my application to be put on the register of potential driving instructors (PDI). As soon as I had got myself a PDI number, I had to determine which company I was going to work with?

There are a quantity of companies out there that offer you various training selections at a broad variety of prices. I do not advise any company over another as these folks all have their pros and cons. Some permit you to take out a franchise with only a trainee’s licence; others will not enable you to do this. Some offer you far more one to one in car tuition than others and some even have class room based learning.

ADI Part 1Theory

I ended up forking out £600 to prepare with a well known company just to have the privilege of learning with them for the theory exam. In essence they deliver you a huge bundle of publications and a study guide. You additionally have access to an accredited driving instructor (ADI) should you call for one to one stuy. For me this was a complete waste of cash as the publications they despatched are readily available in store for a fraction of the price and I barely needed one hour’s tuitionwith my dedicated teacher.

My tips is to go out and buy your own publications either from the shops or far better still from eBay. You can get significantly better quality books and study guides for really cheap prices. The ADI Part 1 Theory test is pretty straight forward, you either prepare well and pass OR you don’t bother studying and fail.

Around 50 percent of the prospects sitting part 1 will be unsuccessful on their first attempt. I feel that is inexcusable, as the publications basically give you each and every question on the database. Even if you have no study abilities at all, absolutely you are able of memorising the questions and answers. I wouldn’t recommend this proceedure but it positively ensures that you will know the answers on the day of your exam. I took about 3 months getting ready for part 1. I most likely could have accomplished it in 1 30 days but I was nervous and didn’t want to slip at the initial hurdle. On the day of my examination I got 100% on my theory and 67 out of 75 on the hazard perception portion. Make sure you take the time to sit down and learn the theory test questions and answers. In addition practice your hazard perception ability by getting a DVD as I am informed that more candidates fail the ADI part 1 due to the hazard perception factor then the theory element. If your struggling with hazard perception, evidently you don’t realize how the test is assessed and how to receive the very best score. This is all in the understanding of the phrase “scoring window”. Outlining the workings of the hazard perception exam is not inside the scope of this article.


If you are preparing for the DSA Learner Driver Theory Test and you first language is Urdu, You can find a full range of study materials in Urdu translations at These include the following:

Driving Theory Test Urdu

Hazard Perception Urdu

Highway Code Urdu

Practical Driving Urdu


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