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Easy Product Creation Blueprint (Even if You’re a Newbie)

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Posted by steve on September 21, 2011 at 2:05 pm

If you’re looking for ways to increase your income, creating your own products offers a great opportunity. This article will delve into some product creation tips that can help get you started.

For many, the research phase presents the worst challenges when they’re starting on that magical product they want to create. One little trade secret is to take advantage of the huge amount of public domain material that exists. Content or information that was once published can undergo the normal expiration of copyrights, and then it becomes public domain. One of the many advantages of PD content is you have the ability to market it in whatever fashion or form you want. PD content is really great because just about all the hard work is done; it was written for an existing audience that still exists, today. Sure it’s old, but a lot of information is just as valid and useful today as it was back then. One other point is that you are within legal rights to change the information and make it up to date for today’s audience. You can do a complete make-over on it and present it in a brand new package. Do keep in mind the primary objective which is to create products but do so much faster and with less headaches. If you can suspend any disbelief and take a serious look, then you’ll be awakened to the immense possibilities residing in public domain. If doing all the laborious research is not your favorite cup of tea, then this is a viable and excellent alternative for you. If you want to really touch people’s lives and help them, then create a product that genuinely solves a pressing problem. You can make a real name for yourself if your product fulfills the promise of the sales material – meaning… it actually works. Your probabilities for success automatically shoot sky high if you just simply help people with their problems. The only way to even begin to accomplish that is by figuring out what kinds of problems any market has. Sure, you will have to spend some time doing this research, but it will help you immeasurably and will make all the difference. You can go a step ahead and look into yourself to know what kind of problems you’ve been facing that you never had a solution for. It stands to good reason that other people will have the same kinds of problems you faced in the past.

One highly favorite approach is to take a product already on the market and then improve on it. For example, let’s say you buy an ebook on “dog training”, where you find the information is good but it’s not organized and structured well. This gives you an opportunity to write your own ebook that offers better information and is easy to read and navigate through. It just takes a little bit of reading, analysis, and research to derive a great off-shoot product that is quality and useful.

In closing, you should find that product creation is easy as long as you focus on providing good quality and good value for money.

Of course, an incredibly important part of product creation is getting people on your list (so you can promote affiliate products and future products of your own)! To do this you need a squeeze page (e.g. based on squeeze page templates), an autoresponder (aweber is highly recommended) and a few follow-up e-mails to let people get to know you. Whatever you do, don’t forget about this important aspect of being a vendor!

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