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Facts About Small Business Internet Marketing

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Posted by steve on March 26, 2011 at 10:05 pm

The world is getting smaller everyday, what with the proliferation of the Internet and the world’s collective information put in one place for all to access and see. They say that whomsoever controls the Internet, controls the world. With that in mind, seeing Google as our cyber overlord is not the stuff of fantasy, with Facebook a close second. However, you still can have a piece of the cyber pie by starting your own small business Internet marketing business. You can start with something big of course, but in this article, let’s start small.

When I say small business, I mean something that is easily manageable. Like in the physical world, the cyber landscape is littered with various business opportunities. You can start small by selling products or services or whatever you feel you can sell. Or, start big with a new operating system in a mature market. To start big can be difficult since the online business world is a cutthroat place. Starting small is ideal and you can work your way to the top. As the small business grows, so will windows of opportunities open for you.

Once you have something you can sell, say an ebook on the composition of rocks on the planet Zeta-12, we now get into the Internet marketing part. Now, this is probably the most important part of your online business so you must take all this seriously. As you can imagine, the number of people interested in planet Zeta-13′s rocks is very small, so it is up to your Internet marketing prowess to get the word out to those 12 people who you are targeting for. First thing you should do of course is set up a website where you can sell your stupefyingly outrageous ebook. In the site, you must fix where people can pay, download, etc. Then, you go ahead with SEO writing.

Wait, what? SEO? Okay, SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is the process where you make sure that your website appears in the search engines. Among the top results preferable, the top result if possible. It is the lifeblood of Internet marketing so remember those three letters well. Basically, you optimize your site, write content to blogs (your own and others) and services, do some backlinking, maybe add a smidgen of video optimization for good health. Just make sure you do things by the book, cause getting blacklisted by Google is not a good thing. 

After a few months, or weeks if you are lucky, your site will see an increase in traffic outside your own checking of the site. If this is the case, then your small business Internet marketingbusiness is ready to roll. Don’t overdo the marketing part though. You can get severely penalized if overstep some boundaries. You can learn more if you attend workshops, or at least watch videos of workshops online. Just be sure to do your research properly and focus on your goals with a passion, and pretty soon, your business will be worth its cyber space real estate in gold – if that makes sense.

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