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Five Factors to Look at to Help You Look for the Best Web Hosts for Your Business

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Posted by steve on June 23, 2011 at 6:27 am

Do you have a business in need of a good online presence? If you are seeking an ideal web hosting provider to accommodate your company on the web, you will have to do a comparison of various web hosting providers and search through the several capabilites and services they provide. Most web hosting companies promote their services in package form, where you will get what your website requires in terms of space, bandwidth, email accounts, private label reseller hosting and other necessary hosting tools.

You’ll like to watch out for web hosting companies that charge you for the most standard of functions, such as the usage of multiple email accounts, which are usuallyincluded for free in a majority of packages offered by some of the best web hosts online. Have a look at some of the factors you will need to think about before picking a web hosting company for your website:

Factor 1 – hosting space. For starters, you will want to find out how much disk space you reallyrequire for your website. If your website includes pictures, video and other multimedia objects, as well as heavily coded html, you’llneed a lot of extra space to make sure your site is up to scale, as well as to accommodate any future upgrades. One of the extras that some of the best web hosts will provide includes easy-to-use software to assist you build your site on your own and get it functioning correctly, even if you do not possess any technical knowledge.

Factor 2 – bandwidth. If you have a good estimate of the size of your website, and the number of visitors you get each month, you’ll have a clear picture of the amount of bandwidth you’ll need to make sure your website loads easily online. The ideal bandwidth for problem-free data transfer falls between 2GB to 5GB for a site having at least 40KB-sized pages and receiving at least a thousand visitors per month.

Factor 3 – control panel. If you want a finger on the pulse of your website, you will find it in a capable control panel allowing you to do your own back-ups and daily maintenance. A cPanel control is so far the most stable and most popular program available on the market today.

Factor 4 – customer service. It’s never a good deal if you are continuously left without support. Make sure that the web hosting company you select offers 24-hour live customer support, toll free.

Factor 5 – price. And here lies the clincher. The best web hosts don’t offer extremely cheap prices and most likely will not provide you with sub-standard service. On the other hand, do not fall for the more expensive offers either. It’s best to verify third party reviews for good performance and reliability in a web hosting company. You will be surprised to find a lot of web hosting companies that provide excellent service for half the price.

When you look at all these factors to finding the most ideal web hosting company to accommodate your website requirements, you’re off to a good start in placing your business right smack in the middle of the web map.         

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