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Free way for beginners to make money online

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Posted by steve on December 22, 2010 at 10:33 pm

There  are a bunch of ways to make money online as a beginner by giving other people a solution    The way to do this is through info products – software, ebooks, videos,  etc.  An  ebook is  really just   any real in a electronic format.  Sure, it can include pictures – but so can a hard cover book.

The crucial thing about offering an ebook as opposed to a real book is that an ebook can save the reader even more time than the hard book.  This is because the ebook can easily contain audio, video, and hyperlinks to more, to the point info.

Most of the internet ” giants” have made their fortune by selling information online, in one way or the other .  It’s now your turn  to get a share  of the internet profit pie.  You can  accomplish   this by building your own  info product (ebook) or finding ways to make 100 percent of the profit selling somebody elses info product. Now that is a hefty  margin .

There are many  different ways that a beginner can use to make money online:

1.  You can  create (or have others  create for you) the info products you are going to sell online; or
2.  You can purchase PLR  to info products created by other people and modify them to sell as yours; or
3.  You can search out information products in the public domain (more on this afterward) and package them for resale; or
4.  You can locate  information products already created by others and purchase resale or master resale; or
5.  You can locate  information products created by other people and sell them through affiliate programs.

Actually, my preferred model combines several of these models.  But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves right now. When you are just beginning, one of your biggest hurdles for making money will be keeping focused.  That’s why, you will want to pick only one method and follow it as closely as you can, at least in the beginning.  In the future, you can try your hand at mixing up the methods to really increase your cashflow!

Your customers are often willing to cough up money for the information.  After all, they routinely purchase magazines, newspapers, and print books, right?  On the internet, they’re even more willing to part with a few dollars if it will save them time or solve a problem for them.  The trick is to make sure that the information that you provide either saves them time or benefits them in some other, emotional way.

Until you are sure that you have a EAGER hoard of buyers  who HAVE MONEY and are interested in either solving a problem or who see a benefit in your product, don’t even consider moving forward with your info product.

There are, as always, several ways to make money.  One of the fastest, most secure and most fruitful ways to make money online for beginners, though, is to search out places where you can make 100 percent of the money selling other peoples information stuff, then build your own info products to mix with these for maximum profitability.

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