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Generating Leads Creates Successful Businesses

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Posted by steve on May 8, 2011 at 12:52 pm

Generating leads is definitely the highest priority for your business. In fact, if you’re not taking steps to generate leads every day, your business is doomed!

A lead generation system isn’t difficult to set up. You have no doubt already been introduced to squeeze pages, even if you’re brand new to the game. These web pages are vehicles by which the owner accumulates names and email addresses in exchange for some type of value. They’re building lists, which will be the most important asset that they can have. 
The first thing you should do to be generating leads of your own is to build your own squeeze page. This involves having a hosting account and an autoresponder. The autoresponder is the mechanism through which you will create a web form to collect names and email addresses. Autoresponders also allow you to mail the people on your list in a follow-up series, or in broadcast messages, whenever you please.

You’ll need an HTML editor to create your page, and if you’re new at this, you’ll likely want a WYSIWYG verion. That means, “What You See Is What You Get,” and these softwares are named that because they work much like word processors. You can see what you’re creating, instead of worrying about learning code. Some free ones are Kompozer and Coffee Cup, but if you want the top of the line, that would be Dreamweaver from Adobe. I’d advise waiting on that, until you’re a little more at ease with business online, as it’s pretty expensive.

Another aspect of generating leads that you may want to consider before building the squeeze page is your “ethical bribe.” This is something to give to people in exchange for their information. This can be an audio, a video, a special report, or anything else that people find valuable. This helps your lead generation activities along much quicker.

Once you have that giveaway and the squeeze page built with the form you created at your autoresponder service, the last piece of the puzzle is uploading the squeeze page to your hosting account, and then, seinding traffic to it. Without traffic, nobody will see your squeeze page, and no one will opt into your list.

There are many free ways to drive traffic, which include article marketing, blogging, social marketing, podcasting, and teleseminars. You can learn about any of these methods, and get more infomation about making your list generation system work at This is Tellman Knudson, over and out!

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