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Giving Yourself A Lift From Being A Good Boss To Becoming A Great Boss

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Posted by steve on September 2, 2011 at 8:50 pm

As an operational executive with over 30 years of expertise in the software industry, trust me, I worked with quite a few good bosses and several great bosses (Mike Fields, Ray Lane and Larry Ellison are a couple of names that come to mind ).

At OpenView Partners, when we invest growth capital in an expansion stage software business, we devote quite a bit of time assisting the founders, CEOs and their management teams enhance their skill sets. As a matter of fact, as partners we all authored blogs about management (The Lonely CEO), evaluation (Time to Look in the Mirror) and improvement (Mr. CEO: Would You Hire Yourself?).

I stumbled upon a very good article in the Harvard Business Review I think all founders, CEOs, and their management teams should take the opportunity to examine. It was authored by Linda A. Hill and Kent Lineback and entitled “Are You a Good Boss-or a Great One”.

In the article they discuss how…

Quite A Number Of Managers Cease Working on Themselves

Ask some questions everyone must ask…

Do you understand what’s needed to become really successful?

Do you comprehend what you’re making an attempt to attain?

Cover the 3 Imperatives needed to attain performance from a group of employees. This is what management is all about…

  1. Manage Yourself
  2. Manage Your Network
  3. Manage Your Team

Look for a tool to assist you to measure and assess your performance against the 3 Imperatives.

Then examine What You Can Do Right Now and include the daily rhythm you will need to get into. This requires…

  • Prep
  • Do
  • Review

Everyone needs to seek to boost their skills so they can shift from being a good boss into a great boss. If you are seeking more tips on People & Team Development or Board & Senior Management Development, you should take a look at the Company Development section of our OpenView Labs website.

If interested, just visit and we will connect you.

George Roberts is a Venture Partner at OpenView and a former member of the executive management team at Oracle, with over 25 years of deep management experience in the software industry.

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