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Glee Star Rocks Live on Satellite TV

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Posted by steve on August 18, 2011 at 9:05 pm

Whether you like it or not, Saturday Night Live continues to be one of the most popular sketch comedy projects on television. Filmed out of New York City, the program has scram a Manhattan basic, and the legendary days of old when the show was really very, very suspect have carried it stem into a new millennium. With a mediocre scorecard of costars and less than stellar jokes, the program has suffered much criticism over the last, say, 20 years, but after last season’s acclaimed ‘Betty whiten’ episode, the hopes are high for this coming season. 

Now in its 36th year, SNL is looking to freshen up their list of rotating hosts with some of the hottest stars out there today. Finally listening to what the fans want is a eminent rootage, and in good order now television fans want Glee, Glee and more Glee. More even than Glee many people are eager for more comedy from Jane Lynch who has reinforced up quite the following throughout the years in a categorization of film roles in pictures such as A Mighty Wind, The 40-Year Old Virgin, and Role Models, amongst many others. Her dry yet over the top delivery of some of TVs most shocking lines made her an underground comedy phenomenon, and have now made her a household name with the blowout success of Glee. Today, it’s possible to see her all over satellite internet TV whether catching regular programming or choosing a moving picture. Now, it will be possible to get her in HD live TV once more on SNL.

While it’s unsufferable to say what skits will be scripted up for Ms. Lynch, surely there will be at least some appearing by the infamous Sue Sylvester. Those looking for even more of a chance to get in on the Glee activity can set their satellite TV dials to Fox for the coming season 2, where creator Ryan Murphy has assured there will be enough drama and excitement for all. 

Those looking to catch every upcoming episode of both SNL and Glee in HD should get ready for the exciting upcoming year of television. With great writing and exciting new actors, television’s popularity is back on the rise. From Jane Lynch’s Emmy nod, to the overall atmosphere around television today, fans and new viewers are surely in for an exciting time this fall on Fox, NBC and a whole host of satellite online TV channels with hundreds to choose from!

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