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Guide To Getting Links

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Posted by steve on May 29, 2011 at 10:33 am

Getting back links with your key words is essential to page ranking. However, not many sites want to give out complimentary back links to you when they know they could get money in return for them. There are ways to get people to link to you without having to give them money in exchange, but you have to get creative. I wrote this page to help give you some inventive ways to find more free links for your web site.


The first step to getting free links is simply by creating fun, interesting, and useful content. People will link to useful pages and will tell their friends to visit them. Create enough interesting content and you may have an army of people posting links to your site for free.


Another way to get free links is to offer other web masters content. There are other ways to do this besides the classic process of submitting to the major article directories. Approach a web site owner through email and ask them if you can write content for them in exchange for a one way link. Wouldn’t you love to have another web master write free unique content for your site? One way to super charge this method is to write articles to the major article directories and search for web site owners that have re published them. These web masters are a warm market for approaching to write content for because they have already shown that they find your content useful and enjoy having it on their web site.


Holding a contest is another super way to increase your visitor count. While this method isn’t exactly free, because you will have to give something to the contest winner, it does come at a very low cost. You’ll want to run a contest that involves people ultimately linking to or promoting your website. For instance, many contextual link companies like to make contests where they have their current users create videos about how fantastic their program is. Many videos are created and many links are sent back to the company, but only one or two prizes are awarded. Imagine getting a few thousand links for the price of a laptop case or some other prize.


Making a free report, ebook, or providing free knowledge on how to complete a certain task is a sure fire way to get people to link to your site . You could even insert back links into your ebook so that every time your ebook was given away you would expand your back links to even more people.


These contests, free reports, and content creation ideas can be done by yourself or with the help of a good seo package from a professional company. Doing all the work yourself can take an inordinate amount of time which will lose you visitors and rankings while you wait. However, doing it yourself may end up being cheaper upfront because you will not have to pay a company to do it. Both sides have advantages and disadvantages, so think about it from all angles before making your choice.

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