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Higher Conversions By Avoiding Newbie Copywriting Mistakes

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Posted by steve on August 10, 2011 at 12:27 pm

Are you interested to understand why some copywriters have such a hard time with conversions? We’ll go over some of the simple, basic copywriting mistakes that so many people commit, and when you learn how to avoid them you’ll be one huge step ahead of the rest.

All effective copywriters understand the difference between features and benefits, and that it’s of paramount importance to only speak in terms of benefits. While it’s not possible to always exclude features 100% of the time, but you still absolutely must quickly turn those features into great benefits. When it comes to making a decision about buying, people always think about it selfishly, and that’s why expressing the benefits will get a better response than features. Before you can effectively talk about the benefits, you need to know all you can about the product, first. One way to approach this is to list the features, and then explain each feature in terms of a benefit; and then only use the benefits in your final copy. This would make your prospects understand the feature and what it can do for them. A lot of times good benefit bullets can tip the scales in your favor.

If you don’t have any testimonials, then you just don’t; but if you do, then don’t make the mistake of overlooking their importance to your conversions. You should know the reasons people buy anything, people make buying decisions on emotional reasons and nothing more. In order to increase their trust in your product before they actually buy it, you have to show them how the other people have benefited from it. If you don’t have testimonials, you really need to get some because they’ll help you to create almost instant trust and some rapport with your site or blog visitors. You will see the difference in your conversion rates if your visitors have a way to feel some level of trust. Besides that, you can also take down testimonials from other experts in the niche you’re promoting, which will again make your product look more credible and worth buying.

Where you introduce your product price is very important in all sales letters. Some copywriters make the mistake of letting the prospects know about the price about the product/service too early. So, maybe you’re wondering why that is so. It just tends to bring down the interest level of the reader. There’s a more or less standard layout format for sales letters, and the price tends to be close to the end so people will theoretically read everything before they get to the price. One suggestion to avoid any possible writer’s block is to just write without judging your work, and keep in mind that all can be corrected, revised, or changed during the editing process. Some copywriters and marketers can be a bit shy when it comes to talking about the product price, but avoid feeling that way and clearly state your price. We’ve read tons of sales copy, and a lot of times it appears that writers try to make the price less than noticeable. Your copy can improve almost immediately by just avoiding the kinds of newbie mistakes we’ve talked about. So try to learn from a reputable source, and then practice as much as possible.

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