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How Fast is Your Website?

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Posted by steve on July 16, 2011 at 6:33 am

Internet connection meters are designed to check the actual speed of your online connection.  They work by downloading a data file on to your computer, while measuring the transfer rate.  You can then compare the results to the speed claimed by your provider, as well as the averages for your location and type of connection. 

The more modern meters can now also keep a virtual eye on your bandwidth use over a long period of time and record traffic information as it happens. There are many that can even show you exactly how much money your website is spending on bandwidth allocation. This is why an internet connection meter can be helpful when planning and hosting your business or ecommerce website.

Choosing the correct internet service provider is troublesome enough without having to deal with the many ‘stretched truths’ that these companies spread about their bandwidth speeds . Unsurprisingly these ISP’s use company jargon to make it appear that your broadband access will be fast , but that isn’t always the case .

Measuring your connection speed helps you to determine if you are getting what you’re expecting , or if your bandwidth speeds are less than stellar . There is something to be said about a speedy internet connection and how that affects your work as an Internet marketer . A website that loads quickly for your visitors comes from a well-optimised server , is constructed well, and will resolve within 3-5 seconds.

A heavy website with a slow connection speed from your server will take a long time to download and may put visitors off . Use a good internet connection meter to test the speed of your website and find out if your site is in need of some improvements .

It’s also worth noting that Google recently announced that page speed is now one of the criteria they use to rank websites in their results .

An internet connection meter like Net Meter Pro or Speed Meter Pro can help you to find out if you’re getting the bandwidth you’re expecting or if your ISP is not coming up to scratch . If the predictions about ISPs introducing bandwidth caps prove true , then this will make it an absolute necessity that you have a fast, optimized website that can be found quickly, and ready to view within seconds.

Look for an effective internet connection meter to gauge the actual speed your connection is providing . If you find you are being taken for a ride then change your ISP . Try to find a service provider who can offer you what they promise and don’t limit your websites on page count, or have other hidden restrictions you don’t know about. The rest is up to you.

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