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How is Wavefront Technology

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Posted by steve on August 20, 2011 at 9:51 pm

The great results of Lasik surgery have been enhanced by investigation adding new strategies, including Wavefront technology. This technology provides a Lasik physician the capacity to determine and accurately map even slight variations inside the surface of the eye. This gives the physician the capability to a lot more accurately tailor a Lasik operation towards the person, and outcome in even clearer vision.

The notion behind Wavefront technologies was originally developed by astronomers, so that you can indicate if a mirror or a lens had slight imperfections in it. It’s really crucial in astronomy to get near perfect optics so that you can clearly see the small light sources million of miles away within the universe. Within the 1970s a sensor was produced to electronically check these surfaces, plus a form of this sensor is now employed within the Wavefront guided Lasik procedures.

The notion to apply this technique, or to use this sensor, to the field of ophthalmology and later towards the certain location of Lasik vision correction, was begun in Germany. The physician Josef Bille started making use of the sensor in his practice, and this started others to refine the sensor and how it is utilised and to apply it to Lasik technologies. In 1997 the enhanced sensor, with greater accuracy and speed, was announced towards the Lasik laser producers. This allowed the organizations that manufacture the Lasik equipment to create tools employing the Wavefront concept for each of their own laser systems.

The FDA approved the initial Wavefront guided Lasik vision correction method for common use. Initially, the Wavefront sensor makes a map of the eye’s imperfections, and this map is sent towards the laser that’s utilized within the Lasik vision correction portion of the operation. This allows for precise eye alteration in order for Lasik to present the very best vision correction feasible.

The Wavefront technologies employed in Lasik can be described easily at an informal level. A tiny, flat sheet of light (referred to as a wavefront) is passed by means of the eye, reflected off of the retina, and passed back through the eye and is captured by the Wavefront machine. If the eye were perfect, the light would return as a flat sheet and be captured that way by the Lasik machine. However, any imperfections modifications the way that the light returns, and this is detected by the Wavefront aspect of the Lasik process.

Several these little, flat sheets of light are sent into every eye from various directions as well as the results returned generated a 3 dimensional map of the eye to be utilised inside the Lasik vision correction process. Furthermore to the frequently recognized difficulties of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, you’ll find far more than 60 other patterns which can be recognized and can possibly be corrected for.

All of this data generated by the Lasik sensor is converted by software program into a set of directions to be carried out by the Lasik excimer laser. Ask your physician about this thrilling advance in Lasik vision correction, and see if this process is right for you!



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