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How to Generate Traffic the Smart Way

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Posted by steve on July 30, 2011 at 8:08 am

Generating traffic is an art and Internet marketers, often, are artists. Given below are a few simple tips that will help you get more visitors at a low cost.

A simple traffic generation tip that many Internet marketers ignore is the quality of the traffic. When you are generating traffic you need to try to get traffic that wants to see what your site has to offer, not just the people who look and then leave quickly. You should focus all your efforts on creating a targeted flow of traffic and not a random one. Anybody who tries to sell you site vistiors, no matter how many they offer, should be ignored. These services are always scams and nothing more. The traffic they send you is gotten through click exchanges and is of very low quality. Absolutely no one can “guarantee” you high quality website traffic; you either have to work hard to get it or spend lots of money to get it. If you decide that you want to pay for advertising try to remember that your money is on the line here so you need to choose a source of traffic that will make you feel like you are getting a nice return on what you have spent.

A very good way of generating traffic is to leverage your popularity in forums that surround your niche topic. This is a very good way to build traffic to your website but the downside of this method is that it requires you to put in a lot of work over time and without doing so it will be impossible to get the results you want from your hard work. Forums and boards offer you the ability to promote your work with every post you make in the form of a “signature link” which is basically a line of text at the bottom of all of your posts. This is exactly what you will use here. What you need to do is become a member of these forums and start being active on them. The more you interact with the other members and the higher is your chance of convincing them that you’re worth it. After you have been sharing good content on the forums you work in you’ll start seeing lots of targeted visitors to your websites.

You should do everything you can to help your prospects realize just how valuable your product really is and why other people need to know about it. Even though all of this could be time consuming you will be happy with how much traffic gets sent your way.

In summary, building traffic for your site is simple if you know where to start. Apply these tips on a regular basis and then watch your traffic grow.

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