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How To Improve Your Ranking Through A Linking Strategy

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Posted by steve on April 10, 2011 at 2:47 pm

All search engine or internet marketers fully understand that often, the more links that are pointing to your website there are, the higher you will be ranking in the search results for your target keywords. This is true, but not completely. Before you get confused, especially if you are a beginner in internet marketing and in formulating a linking strategy, you must first understand that there are other facts that should be considered whenever you conduct any link building campaign.

Now think about this for a moment. You have probably been through a website or just a web page and read through the whole text posted there. Then afterward you clicked on a link provided in that text. Now perhaps the reason you clicked it is because you found the article relevant and that you want to read more or find out more information related to what you have just read. Now why did I say this to you? That’s because up to today there are still many online marketers whose goal is to get as many links as they possibly can without even thinking about the quality of those links. Quality in the sense that the website giving out that link must be providing excellent information and that is related to that website where the link is pointing to.

Quality is the name of the game when you are building links for your site and it should never be compromised. One area where quality is a big factor is with the website that is linking out to your own website. This is what seo experts refer to as linking to a bad neighborhood, that is if you are giving out and receiving links from sites with poor reputation. That is why it works both ways. You should not link to sites that are known spammers or have illegal content like duplicate content and topics that deal with child prostitution, gambling, drugs and others.

If you are going to give out links, as this can also contribute to your on page optimization, make sure that you are linking to authoritative sites that have good reputation or to websites that have similar topic or niche as your own. The first one is important because it shows that you are following the ‘good guys’ and quite therefore you are also one of them. The second one is equally important because when you are within the company of related sites or niches, then Google and the other search engines can easily know what your site is all about and rank it accordingly.

Another essential factor to consider is the backlink anchor text because just like with the previous paragraph, the anchor text will help the search spider accurately determine what your website is and within which topic or category it should fall under. This is also the reason why even though your website or web page does not contain a specific keyword and yet it could still rank for that keyword just because it is being used with the anchor text of the links pointing to that page.

These are just among the most basic and yet important factors that you should consider in your link building strategy. By understanding and actually put these into practice, you will be on a great start with your seo campaign. So as a recap you should only get links from good quality sites and also give links to those kinds of websites, and that you should put a variety on the way you compose your anchor texts. Keep it up and you will be on your way to ranking better in the search results.

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